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Achei legal
收藏者: Anderson Souto Maior
Achei legal
cute 3d stubby character games i can't live without
收藏者: Rainbowbecca
just read the title.
Dro's greenlight titles
收藏者: AllDro210
Games to Watch
收藏者: Inextricable
cool looking (but im doing this only for the pillar of community)
收藏者: Fire Titan
just trying to get pillar of community
games i want to be on steam !
收藏者: DigiWobble [PartyPoopah]
figataaaa :3
收藏者: [FED]enrico papi
raccolta di giochi fighi...altro da aggiungere, non credo proprio
must haves
收藏者: brumey
must have titles immidiate purchase when available on steam
Interesting Games
收藏者: jimmyg1968
A collection of various titles that have caught my attention. There is no theme to this series, just games that I thought might be interesting when fully developed.
SkOrPs GreenLight
收藏者: -s]{r][p-[H4H]
My Greenlight Collection of games that have peaked an interest in me....
thing i like
收藏者: ravenatter
idk i just like its
Unity Indie Games
收藏者: romancalderon647
Just a small collection of under-the-radar indie games made with/in Unity 3D.
Unity Indie Games
收藏者: romancalderon647
Just a small collection of Unity 3D indie under-the-radar types of games.
Chris Games
收藏者: NL<>Chris
om in de gaten te houden
NGC - Games to Watch For
收藏者: bigdamnjay
Games I think look fun and should be checked out.
Greenlight Gold
收藏者: *tips fedora*
The absolute best Greenlight has to offer.
gamers gonna game
收藏者: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) captain soade
good games for good people
Tactical Strategy
收藏者: FunkerGreg
Tactical Strategy
ric's games
收藏者: Marius
games that i like it.
Still to come!
收藏者: Strife-df10
Awesome games
收藏者: The Chubby Manatee
Horror Game Collection
收藏者: OdysseyXZ
The collection only for horror games. ;D
My Stuff
收藏者: blalock000
Just my stuff
收藏者: ng.bottlesong
Whishlist RPG
收藏者: Nerothos
kolekce predy
收藏者: Predy-_+☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠Mp3
jen zkousim nic velkyho od toho necekam.
Steam GreenLight Games
收藏者: dinamo
Drail3's Collection
收藏者: drail3
This is a list of Games that I favor, and think merit attention on Steam. Check them out yourself and let the community know what you think.
Interesting Games
收藏者: Little Bear
Greenlight games that have potential.
The Best of Greenlight
收藏者: BadJackDaniels
Coleção com os melhores games do Steam Greenlight.
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