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收藏者: lukem87
Games That Will Probably be Rad
收藏者: Pixel_Kaiser
These are games with ideas that stood out to me. No Slenderman games, no TF2 parodies, probably nothing with zombies. For one reason or another, these are games that I feel are worth championing.
Kova's crème de la crème
收藏者: Kovaelin
/|/|y personal picks of the best games that deserve more coverage than they currently have, based on encounters with news articles over time.'s Greenlight Picks
收藏者: ArchKali
Based on reviews and previews at IGR, here are our best bets for Steam's curent Greenlight offering. Visit or our sister site to search for reviews on many of the games currently listed in this collection an...
Games worth a thumbs up.
收藏者: paul+
3D First Person Games of Different Kinds
收藏者: vtastek
3D First Person Survivals, RPGs, Puzzles, Simulations, Immersive Sims, Tactical Shooters...
Techno's Lovely Adventure Picks
收藏者: Techno
Here are the 3D adventure games on Greenlight I find the most interesting, relaxing, or simply immersive. Does not include point-and-click adventure games.
收藏者: alenoxu
Games em espera
收藏者: PSYg0 ★
Games, die cool abgehen und spass machen :-))
收藏者: SubTle_DooMryd3r [FakeTaxi]
Games I would most definitely reccomend
Worst greenlight games
收藏者: Leif
Join us at
Different Games
收藏者: necross.reversed
Different Games, for different tastes
收藏者: cerax
Steam Greenlight
Retro Goodness
收藏者: Karyyk
Must-have retro-themed titles on Steam (or Greenlight).
Salsa's Greenlight (Salsa Nos Seus Jogos)
收藏者: Salsa
Essa é a coleção "Salsa Nos Seus Jogos" de sugestões de Greenlight. Se existem jogos a serem lançados que merecem o seu voto, com certeza eles estão aqui! Nem que seja um deles! Mas lembrando também que esta lista não é exclusiva, existem diverso...
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
收藏者: Aragorn2013swe9301roau
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
Best Concepts
收藏者: DinoBatt
Best concepts in Greenlight
Vote for 8 Games Please
收藏者: DinoBatt
Interesting concepts/Games with potiential
收藏者: Law Abiding Engineer
Games that look interesting, but might take some time. And games that are just plain, interesting.
OBEG: Odd-Ball Exploration Games
收藏者: Connor Arbiter
Games within the First Person Exploration Games Collection that are particularly strange, unorthodox or don't necessarily count as a "First Person Exploration Game" yet also don't count as "Not A First Person Exploration Game."
FPWG: First Person Wandering Games
收藏者: Connor Arbiter
This sub-collection of the First Person Exploration Games Collection will cater specifically to FPEGs that exhibit an emphasis on or are at least perfectly facilitative to "wandering about"—a game mechanic explicitly different from general exploration. ...
收藏者: Autositz
Items of interest.
You Need These For An Achievement In Life :D
收藏者: MyNameIsFRED
I have no idea what I made this collection for now. . . . .I thought it was for a collection of games I want, in one spot. . . . .hmm I'm def confused about what it's for after i made it, this is an edit to the description lmao :D BUT, if this helps anyon...
TIbia :D
收藏者: B0ruK
tibia foreva
Goods Life Steam
收藏者: RAK!easy!!&? No!
В разработке!
My Greenlit Games
收藏者: Dichotomy
Games funded through the STEAM GreenLight program that I am particularly interested in.
收藏者: pavlovskia
самое интересное в Greenlight
This and That
收藏者: MreowBox
For anything that catches the eye, and interest me in a way that keeps me coming back.
Good games
收藏者: RiTTZ #Strange Music
These games is very interestly, try it, you will love it.
Unique Gaming
收藏者: Snicklebooty
These games are quite unique and they've caught my eye. Hopefully they'll be released, so we can buy them!
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