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合集创建者 [BWP] Crytek
Alles an Games das was geniales an sich hatt
合集创建者 Biokon
stillalive studios' Greenlight Picks!
合集创建者 Kikitosaurio
This is the official Greenlight Picks of the stillalive studios team members. We are a small distributed team based in Austria with members from all over the world (Switzerland, United States, Italy, Germany, Finland and Ecuador.) with a very varied taste
Indie Magic
合集创建者 [IN D] RobbinxDeHood
These are the games that make my imagination spark to life. These are the places I want to go. This is the collection of personal journeys that make life complete.
FPWG: First Person Wandering Games
合集创建者 AzureanStudios
This sub-collection of the First Person Exploration Games Collection will cater specifically to FPEGs that exhibit an emphasis on or are at least perfectly facilitative to "wandering about"—a game mechanic explicitly different from general exploration. FPW
Indie Games Searchlight's Greenlight Gumbo
合集创建者 ADDatWork
Indie Games Searchlight is a YouTube series all about showing interesting and engaging Indie Games. This is stuff I've played, reviewed, previewed, or would love to see on steam! Note: No actual gumbo I'm hungry...
Anime Games
合集创建者 Khayron
Jrpgs, sims, strategy and other types of anime style games that i like.
Foo_Fighter'S / Steam_SouL_Hunter
合集创建者 SuperⓈu ✗ |︻芫═──
合集创建者 Go-Bag_R.I.P
My Greenlit Games
合集创建者 Grandmaster Foo
A bunch of games which I would pay for if they ever came out on Steam
Beest Games
合集创建者 COSMIN ™
Jogos brasileiros
合集创建者 Orange
Jogos feitos no brasil ou por equipes brasileiras.
The Drastik Measure GREENLIGHT Collection
合集创建者 Draul
This is a collection of the top games chosen by Draul from Draul plays all kind of games but has a strong belief in coop. So most of these games will be co-op. Those that aren't are most likely rpgs. Draul will also try to r
Big Red Barrel Greenlight Collection - PacManPolarBear
合集创建者 PacManPolarBear
Red Box
合集创建者 Chris
This colection is about 8 games that I love and I wish to be on steam
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Made Games
合集创建者 ClickteamLLC
Games made with the Tool MMF2
Wspieramy Polskie Gry Niezależne
Wspierajmy naszych rodzimych twórców! Od samego początku portal pisał i wspierał polskie gry niezależne. Zakładając tą grupę, chcemy pomagać twórcom tych gier, gdyż bez naszej pomocy mogą nie odnieść sukcesu. Oddaj głos, Ciebie nie kosztuje
Games with Dinosaurs
合集创建者 Crossbones™
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
Exploración, Descubrimiento y Desarrollo (Exploration, Discovery and Development)
合集创建者 Viejo de los Alpes
-- Español -- Colección de títulos basados en la idea de mi propio concepto de género, EDD ( Exploración, Descubrimiento y Desarrollo ), que cumplen los requisitos de ser experiencias enteramente basadas en la relación del jugador con el mundo digital,
The Horror Games Group!
合集创建者 TheFallenOne/ImmortalGamer
合集创建者 edge7_77
VR Watchlist
合集创建者 techno_destructo
Keeping an eye on new or upcoming VR experiences and games.
Horror <3
合集创建者 Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3's Greenlight Picks
合集创建者 ArchKali
Based on reviews and previews at IGR, here are our best bets for Steam's curent Greenlight offering. Visit or our sister site to search for reviews on many of the games currently listed in this collection and
合集创建者 Ray_MX
My colection
合集创建者 Nike#BF3>
Игры мои не трогать твари убью . Это шутка
Best of Best (Greenlight & lit + Early Access)
合集创建者 The LeGo Dark Knight-DaViKing
Personal collection of the best greenlight and greenlit titles, plus Early Access ones. All of the best listed and best of all wishlisted or finished.
CUD's Choice
合集创建者 CUD
The best of Greenlight hand picked by CUD himself.
GreenLight コレクション☆
合集创建者 Ciel-Legacy_qp【JP】
Challak: Survival
合集创建者 Challak
These games are usually a simulation sandbox in style, with the focus being able to survive the elements or a naturally hostile world using what you can scavenge, hunt, gather, and craft yourself. Though they may possess some small element of horror in tha
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