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Linux Only
合集创建者 JimDeadlock
My top Greenlight picks for Linux. Adventure/puzzlers preferred but not exclusive.
dota kawaii
合集创建者 Cinnamon ベルセルク
Greenlight Games to Track
合集创建者 phill2k12
indie Collection
合集创建者 kabuto2507
Guardians of Greenlight (#GuardLight)
合集创建者 Mellow_Online1
Steam Greenlight has a lot of terrible titles that are uploaded to it on a daily basis, which is the main reason the group GuardLight was created. This collection is dedicated to putting all of the ga
Fantasy and fun games (판타지하고 재밌는 게임들)
合集创建者 Silverlion💮
Fantasy, fun, adventure and challenge Game Collection. 판타지하고 재미있고 모험적이고, 도전적인 게임 모음집.
Greenlit MMOs
合集创建者 Jaedia
My Favorite Games!
合集创建者 Daniel3131
Great upcoming shmups
合集创建者 Khnemu
A collection of great upcoming shmup titles on Steam (greenlight campaign, already greenlit, etc.) !
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