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The official Greenlight picks! These are the favourite Greenlight games of the gaming community. Our community members can always request new games to be added to this collection. Have a look at the games in here and I am sure...
5anity's Action RPG game collection
合集创建者: Larzoswe
Just my basic little new collection of exciting RPG games I'd like to see greenlit and played.
Gaming Dead Space
合集创建者: Đανιѕβєαтѕ Ⓡ
It's mine <'3
合集创建者: Khenu Baal Barca
Juegos de Greenlight que me han gustado de estilo simulador, o tiros pero no en primera persona (más bien tanques, barcos, naves espaciales, o aviones).
合集创建者: eQ bFunk
Games currently available on DESURA but on track for Steam Greenlight.
The way of Eyesis
合集创建者: Еыесис
The games should be nice, atmospheric, thought-provoking and unique! I try to collect these..
Graeme's votes
合集创建者: Graeme- Coarse Gentleman
The ~4% of games Graeme has given a yes to on Greenlight.
合集创建者: MR.T
If you liked I Get This Call Every Day...
合集创建者: davidsgallant
If you upvoted I Get This Call Every Day, you should consider upvoting these other games as well:
LastDruid's Greenlight picks.
合集创建者: LastDruid
I really hope these games make it onto Steam. I wish all the devs the best of luck.
合集创建者: 3D-FRIMEN
Люблю различные инди-проекты. Здесь я собираюсь собрать небольшую коллекцию как раз из подобных вещей.
合集创建者: The Captain
合集创建者: Antiminor
Bo Blonds Greenligth picks #01
合集创建者: Blond666
Just my collection of games I think is worth your vote!
My Greenlight Votes
合集创建者: ๖ۣۜR3BORN
These are my most looked forward to Greenlight games. Never hurts to support indie developers I say!
Kratos' Picks
合集创建者: Kratos
Giving the “little guy” a chance!
合集创建者: ItsFlippyFlop
合集创建者: Fantasy
Must have games
Games with Dinosaurs
合集创建者: Cobra™
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
合集创建者: Afourz
стоит присмотреться
Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers!
合集创建者: Jaqarll
This collection will try to form a list of all games containing Pirates, Corsairs, Privateers and Buccaneers!
GreenLight Finest
合集创建者: Vailalex
The ''potential" best you can find on Greenlight. Weekly recap each Sunday.
合集创建者: spartan1096
合集创建者: =^_^=RIVik=^_^=
В коллекцию входят игры ожидаемые мною и обязательно будут купленны по добавлению в Steam
Best Concepts
合集创建者: DinoBatt
Best concepts in Greenlight
Jeff's Greenlight Picks
合集创建者: MonsterDunk
I decided that I wanted an easier way to keep tabs on some of the stuff that's on Greenlight, so I've created a handy list. Perhaps you will find it useful, too. Though I may have played some of these games, I wouldn't necessarily take this list as an ...
gun fight online
合集创建者: Walter White
have fun shooting your friends join other servers create your own start the battle
Otome Games
合集创建者: Ailyn07
Jogos do gênero: Simulação, visual novel e etc Greenlight Favs
合集创建者: Ai Fuu
Collection of the current Greenlight Favourite Games by
Games and Free to Play
合集创建者: Snawtee Rush x_x
Je vous est sélectionner toute une liste de jeux qui valent vraiment le coup d'oeil ;)
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