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Good games for steem
收藏者: Adam$aucɇ99™
Good games plez rate ( I do not own aney of the games here)
Pony approved online MMOs
收藏者: Queen Chrysaliz~★
Pretty much the best Online Multi player games that you can play on a computer or laptop, and other games that are interesting.
Gamezebo Greenlight Spotlight
收藏者: Jim Squires
A selection of games hand-picked by the Gamezebo staff as being worthy of your upvotes, this collection includes games that have been featured in our Greenlight Spotlight series, as well as games that we've yet to feature (but are keeping an eye on). htt...
Chaser Horror
收藏者: ORION
Nailka_007's collection
收藏者: Nailka_007
My коллекция нужных и интересных вещей. :D Она очень интересная! так как она моя...
收藏者: Mr.Skull
i have lots of game collections.
收藏者: Lazeback
Os jogos de corrida que eu compraria.
space shooters
收藏者: [UGC] system
Collection of space shooters
Indie RPGs
收藏者: virtuadept
List of cool sounding RPG games. Role Playing Games. Like, with characters and stuff.
Greenlight Collection
收藏者: Megar
future pros!
收藏者: Checho Badguy
awesome stuff
Выбираю ради интересса
收藏者: [PrO]_^4Kolbaska^1_
Все ради уровня. такова судьба=))_)
Games you don't want to miss
收藏者: 777eza
Games you really don't want to miss, I mean it.
Knight Greenlight Selection
收藏者: Knight
This is, simply, the list of games that called the attention of a person who have been playing all sort of games since more than 20 years and who seeks quality, originality and, above all, fun. Besides being a "veteran" gamer, I'm a member of the video...
收藏者: Raitanator
All the Sci-fi games, which (seem to) deserve high fives, from Greenlight and Steam.
收藏者: Sizr_den
top hry co bych rad do steamu :D
Cant wait!
收藏者: RTB - Kancer
Stuff I cant wait to play.
Mgamer's Collection
收藏者: mgamer
The games that should make it to steam
收藏者: Aquarious
These are the game that should be brought tho the Steam shop.
Rogue's Greenlight List
收藏者: @, the Rogue
The games I already bought. This list is mostly for personal use.
Good games
收藏者: Haydenh2
really good games to me check them out:):):(:(:D
收藏者: Spiert
收藏者: kGR ❤ ANGE!!!
收藏者: The Joy
The Snoopicus Best Of Collection
收藏者: Snoopicus
A collection of games that I have played, or investigated, and that I would like to see on Steam so I can add them to my library.
My Picks for the Green Light
收藏者: masterkartridge
These are some of my favorites from the Greenlight program. Many of these games I've played and really want the games and their creators to have the exposure that Steam can offer. Others are ones I've been watching in development and am looking forward to...'s Greenlight Picks
收藏者: ArchKali
Based on reviews and previews at IGR, here are our best bets for Steam's curent Greenlight offering. Visit or our sister site to search for reviews on many of the games currently listed in this collection an...
La selection francophone Greenlight de
收藏者: [GS] GentleStorm, webzine spécialisé dans l'univers vidéo-ludique indépendant, vous propose deux sélections de jeux parmi les dizaines et les dizaines de titres qui composent le Steam Greenlight. - Sélection Francophone - Une - celle-ci - est c...
Quality Platforming: Shayabu's Greenlight Picks
收藏者: syb
Recommended platform games Steam Greenlight worth a look. Most of them have a cartoonish / anime style with it.
收藏者: Marius Pyrope
random idea
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