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Kova's crème de la crème
收藏者: Kovaelin
/|/|y personal picks of the best games that deserve more coverage than they currently have, based on encounters with news articles over time.
Games worth a thumbs up.
收藏者: paul+
les bons plans!
收藏者: Sam Suphit
les jeux que je trouves bien,mais je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de tous ceux mis à disposition...
收藏者: Autositz
Items of interest.
Mejores Juegos del Greenlight.
收藏者: Cesar30Garcia
Games - Shooters
收藏者: Cyber Drive (BLR)
Games - Shooters
3D First Person Games of Different Kinds
收藏者: vtastek
3D First Person Survivals, RPGs, Puzzles, Simulations, Immersive Sims, Tactical Shooters...
My Greenlit Games
收藏者: Dichotomy
Games funded through the STEAM GreenLight program that I am particularly interested in.
收藏者: BaneWrath
trying games
keep an eye on
收藏者: Count_Norrgoth
looking for games that would be fun
Tek7's Greenlight Recommendations
收藏者: []Tek7
Tek7's Greenlight Recommendations
CJake 'No Trash' Collection
收藏者: CJake
Collection for all those who are tired swimming in a pool of garbage. You may like some of these or may not but at least that is not an obvious 'complete trash' that some schoolboy made on its spare time. So here it is. The janitor has cleaned it for you....
Shobo's "These Deserve a Look" Collection
收藏者: Shobo
These are some of the games I've come across on Greenlight I think you guys should take a look at. We all know awesome I am so that makes my opinions pretty important, Items are in no particular order.
Ultimate Software Collection
收藏者: Phyxion
A selection of ultimate software titles from Steam Greenlight, collecting the most useful and best software titles available.
Хочу чтобы выпустили I want to SEE IT
收藏者: ][ŖǺNDY + ƊǺNƊY][
Ну я сам то тут не участвую в разработке, но вот пытаюсь помочь продвижению других игр.
收藏者: misut
This and That
收藏者: MreowBox
For anything that catches the eye, and interest me in a way that keeps me coming back.
收藏者: pavlovskia
самое интересное в Greenlight
Good games
收藏者: wD.» KillerTime PRO RU
These games is very interestly, try it, you will love it.'s Post-apocalyptic Greenlight Picks
收藏者: Virgil Amenra
For all Fallout/Borderlands/Fallen Earth fans built bundle by: We hope for your upvotes!
parts one.
收藏者: parts
LilyRainEVE's Collection
收藏者: Rizelea
Villain's Favorites
收藏者: Villain
Just the games that I have seen and think are worthy of being on steam.
Made in Spain
收藏者: vEK
¡Colección de juegos hechos en España! ;3 Games collection made in Spain!
FPS like Serious Sam
收藏者: piotr.pastuszka
The Deadly Evil
收藏者: Gone for 70 days..GoodByeFriends
Colección Megawacky
收藏者: Megawacky Max
¡Hola! Soy Megawacky Max: escritor en formación, dibujate de hobby, creativo en general y notero para Loaded, revista de videojuegos de Argentina. Aquí les presento mi colección de juegos recomendados para esto que es Steam Greenlight. ¡Denles una op...
Needs To Be Green Lighted
收藏者: DJSniper22
收藏者: Starglider
Games featuring birds as playable characters.
Greenlight Projects Better Than La-Mulana (Well in my opinion anyway)
收藏者: Resolute
*** UPDATED - I have now moved those game on this list that have been Greenlit to the top. Both parts of the list are more or less in alphabetical order. *** This list was created out of having to listern to people complain about why was game X greenli...
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