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Good games
合集创建者 Karma
Portal and Portal 2 mods
合集创建者 TOXIX
Looking forward to release day #1
合集创建者 GRi[M]
Eversim Simulaton & Serious Games
合集创建者 -[BE]-[BlackMouse]-
Rulers of Nations Masters of The World The Race for the White House Official website: EverSim : Simulation and Serious Games
Military/Emergency Simulators
合集创建者 Panzer Commander
A place to find any kind of war game Or Emergency Game
Real Life Simualtions
合集创建者 WoolyBug
Simulations/mods that simulate real life, physics or behaviour. For those who want their games to be as real as possible, here is my selection of those games or mods that do so.
Greenlight's Finest
合集创建者 priabudiman
Will include games with more than good visual presentations, Original gameplay, Concepts. We know that not every game are worthy, out of respect from the time the developer's has spent. but still, its all about the players point of view, its not
Indie RPGs - Hidden Gems
合集创建者 Aldorlea Games
Indie RPGs that are not so well known, yet delivers in terms of content and production values. Explore misty woods, creepy dungeons or eerie caves... Fan of the genre, check them out, you won't be disappointed!
games i whont :P
合集创建者 -liquidACID-
vet inte ser uta att funka endå dom andra ser ju skit dåliga ut :/
合集创建者 ✪Arif Işık
My Collection
合集创建者 Sanxyo | wankerZ.cs
Good Games
合集创建者 Carl Johnson
合集创建者 Omnisom
Lore-related games for those factoid moments.
A Cool Games In Steam Greenlght
合集创建者 TheWillDit
Hi developers !!! You can offer me their work and if I liked it, I tried to break it into Steam Good luck :D
Greenlight Dev Games that use TnA for greenlight
合集创建者 Crimson of Rose
Filthy filthy filthy filthy.
OCC's Steam Greenlight Spotlight
合集创建者 [= ClayMeow =]
Welcome to a new weekly feature at There are many great games on Steam Greenlight, but sifting through the hundreds of entries to find them isn't always a task people want to perform. Every weekend, I will pick one game I feel is dese
Greenlight Fichinescu (
合集创建者 Fichinescu
¡Hola! Soy Fichinescu, Jefe de Redacción de Revista Loaded, y entusiasta del fichín independiente. Es un aspecto de la industria que me encanta seguir, y justamente esta nueva iniciativa de Steam lo hace de lo más divertido. Si no tenés ganas de explorar l
Magnolia_fan's little shop of horrors
合集创建者 DarthMagnolia
Welcome to my small collection of horror games. Here I'm trying to gather the different horror games available on SGL that get my attention. I'm mostly interested in obscure horror games (unknown games, or games that don't have a lot of hype or a huge fanb
Shadow Warrior's Collection
合集创建者 {T.WW} Shadow Warrior
The kind of Games that I would be interested in.
Total Miner PC!
合集创建者 *WWK* BinqDesign
Games That Don't Look Like Shit
合集创建者 Lucifera
Interesting games that actually look worth playing (which is a rare occurrence, since these days 99% of Greenlight submissions look like shit). Disclaimer: Games not added to this collection are not necessarily shit, they may just be things we aren't in
CRISTIAN1ELITE | Steam Greenlight ™
合集创建者 Casian
We have here what games i want to be released for Steam! By:#CRISTIAN1ELITE
合集创建者 Silver Dragon
To Be Released
Hell IX
合集创建者 Deja Vu Arcade
Vote for this classic remake based on Desert Strike, TIger Heli, Seek & Destroy or Gunship. If you like action arcade helicopter game you will love this one. Three camera modes, 3rd Person, Classic Isometric and First Person. Rescue Marine, destroy enemies
Laith Tactics
合集创建者 nizartwo
Laith Tactics is a tactical role-playing video game based on moving units through a map grid in order to defeat the opposition. Players use strategic movements and positioning to achieve victory such as killing all ennemies, surviving for a number of turns
Support these amazing games!
合集创建者 Glauber
I just added some of the best games i could find in greenlight that filled my taste. I love platformers, beat'em up and metrovania style of games, so i tried to gather the ones with the best qualities, controles, story, graphics and overall gameplay, i ho
Fredi Juice -Green Fild
合集创建者 H_E_N_T_A_I
Лучшие игры
合集创建者 #RSLN_12
Для игр которых я хочу поиграть!
Interesting Greenlight Games Collection
合集创建者 »Radioactive Panda«
A collection of greenlight games that I find either interesting or fun, always expanding.
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