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Vote and Help for Empyrion Please!!!!!!!!
收藏者: DinoBatt
Kickstarter : please help!!!!
收藏者: Fabian
Here is all of my stuff, what i am developing!
Anime collection
收藏者: eva.Otaku.™
Here you will find anime games of any kind, which may soon published on steam. ;'D and gives the collection a thumbs up, Subscribed and they help me more games for the collection to be found, that would be great. °ω°
Old School Games
收藏者: ☆☆打☢Muxxer☢打☆☆
Collection of all the games in style of the eighties or nineties, pixelated games or games with 3D "primitive" graphics. Constantly adding new games to the extent that it finds. I would appreciate being told of any game they like that are in my collect...
Strategy RPG
收藏者: T-13
Games that have both stratgic and RPG elements. Such as Heroes of Might and Magic, FFT, Orge Battle, Orge Tactics, Blue Bahumut, etc,
age of empire
收藏者: So Cold vs xTyTy♪± ♋
hel me to get some games free
NES & Game Boy Styled Games
收藏者: Mephitio
A collection of games with an authentic or slightly modified NES or Game Boy art style.
Other Game's
收藏者: AirRaid# gg izi
Here you will find a lot of different games for you. This collection is formed as a game genres such as RPG, Shooter, Horror and many more
收藏者: Someone1
horror c:
收藏者: Nilson97Csn
My Steam Greenlight Collection. (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE GAMES)
收藏者: Matthew CG
A collection of games I like and want to be released on Steam.
Delightful Machinations
收藏者: Crestfallen_Rose
This is a collection that focuses on games that look fun, thought-provoking and anything but ordinary. Looking for a new thrill? Need a puzzle to unwind the mind? Or are you more of the adventurous type? If you're tired of the bland and looking for ...
Strange Games I Would Actually Buy, Unless they're Already Free!
收藏者: Guides for Games
Hilarious and weird games you should get just for that fact
Plant vs. Zombie
收藏者: Captain Blep Bop
This Collection is About Plant vs. Zombie.Please Add This Collection To Your Collection.Thank you!
Five Nights At Freddy's Collection
收藏者: Kitty The Gamer
Hai. This is my collection. Five nights at freddy's game.
Things I like
收藏者: Mewmann22
Things I like and that should be on Steam
收藏者: Artan
juegos de greenlgiht que me gustan . lel.
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit
收藏者: [OsR]Maverik770
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit. There is so much crap that gets approved through Greenlight while hundreds of really good games and projects get log jammed in the process. This is a list of games that I feel really deserve to be Greenlit. So up vote th...
收藏者: Единорог Карл
Тут только чёткие игрушки
Games Id Like greenlit!
收藏者: 5thspacestudios
These are more refreshing adventure games.
Beste Spiele Ever ! ?
收藏者: MrJanisterX
Das ist eine Spiele Kollektion die ich richtig geil finde, ihr könnt gerne Kommentare Posten wie ihr die Spiele so findet.
收藏者: Itacha S2
Labrynth Productions
收藏者: Touch
Amazing Bits
收藏者: тαяgєт | Himmler ϟϟ
Collection Of Bits. Just Bits. Nothing More. BITS
Indie Gamedev Greenlight
收藏者: Spark
Indie Gamedev Greenlight collection
Green Light
收藏者: DeyoDC™
Green Light Collections
收藏者: ŁüxXx™
Jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem
收藏者: 〖EDZ〗J0H4N
Esse jogos são jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem um grande exemplo é fnaf 2!
Horror Game
收藏者: Lugia Guardian of The Seas
The title is self explanitory :D This collection is for horror games i look forward to/wanna play/Or play OR JUST RANDOM HORROR GAMES,IDK :D
Anime Collection ~<3
收藏者: Kira
This is a Collection for Anime/Manga themed games. My goal for this collection is to show that Steam is a suitable marketplace for games like these. If i mis a game or so just comment or pm me ~<3. I hope you find some game´s u like.
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