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Meh. Expected as much...
收藏者: Makoto Itou
Along the tags of Ecchi, Group, Harem, Vanilla (yes with Group), ANYTHING GOES IN THIS!
Horror Games
收藏者: phantomling
I love horror games. Putting these aside for later ~
Games I want to play
收藏者: Dark Larva
Ummmm... games I want to play.
Was ist eine Kollektion? Finden wirs heraus, Go go Valve Rangers!
收藏者: Alex Lorean
Trololol, was kann ich hier machen? klar steht kaum 25 Cm über dieser Textbox eine Beschreibung in deutscher Sprache... aber Anleitungen sind nur was für Weiber :D nein, ich schockiere nicht gerne, Klischees (oder wie man das schreibt) zu erfüllen, gaa...
Games that NEED to be on Steam
收藏者: rainbowsnivy
A collection of games which I believe should be put on Steam ASAP.
up coming fav projects
收藏者: ziggie
projects that I find interesting :) that's it
juegos Greenligth
收藏者: ' WeeD
En esta coleccion se encuentran juegos interesantes, de contenido variado, pero de buena calidad, ya sea tanto como de jugabilidad y/o de graficos o detalles como este.
dead games
收藏者: gaegid
dead games yes.
收藏者: Coming In Hot
My general collection
Ma sélec Canard PC
收藏者: Lau/Jvbib - ><(((°>
Ma propre sélection parmi la sélection CPC.
Greenlight Upvotes!
收藏者: supercon99
Collection of supercon99's personal favorites from the Steam Greenlight promotion.
收藏者: Xeecros
Games i would like to play in the future.
收藏者: sangansyougo
收藏者: Dragonspell
games I think are interesting and look fun.
Greenlight Showcase 1
收藏者: Underdrill
This collection is for sorting purposes only.
收藏者: ViolenceTrist
Scary BAWIUF qiaweofh
Like it
收藏者: lethia
Oh Shiz i want it!!!
收藏者: IzaHova
These are Steam Greenlight titles I'd LOVE to own.
Greenlit games that look cool
收藏者: Cosmonaut ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ
Basic games that are a lot of fun!
收藏者: Morgosin
These are fun!
收藏者: Aiden
These are items that I want on Steam.
收藏者: LordSivart80
things to keep an eye on
Local (couch) multiplayer
收藏者: Brad
收藏者: dreadharry147
random games [all genres
Los mejores de horror
收藏者: Cachétonä ㋡
收藏者: eroeru
Overlooked games on Greenlight that really are worth it.
Jogos legais
收藏者: Xiao Xiao
Awsome games
收藏者: Percius
The Aircars
收藏者: deahollywood
The atompunk retro-futurist aircars of the Pandoranage. のpandoranageのatompunk retro-未来aircarsします。 La atompunk retro-futurista del Pandoranage aircars. Den atompunk retro-futurist aircars av Pandoranage.
Greenlight Gods
收藏者: Kylenki
Games that will be in my library. They are good games. Thoroughly reviewed through a rigorous process of two and a half decades of judging games at a glance.
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