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cool game/stuff :3
合集创建者 (Seinaru)SeinaruKuraiOkami (^_^)
Good Games worth Playing
合集创建者 Gearspecs
This here is a collection of Games that I think would other developers like myself learn more.
Best Greenlight Projects
合集创建者 AlexBel
Collection of the best Greenlight projects (in my opinion) releazed and unreleazed. Thank you for all your support and rates, I very appreciate it!
stuff I would greenlight
合集创建者 [MKN] Walrus
some greenlight games me the walrus will support or buy and I think you should check out.
合集创建者 rversloot
A fun collection of interesting finds
合集创建者 Getkillalot
stuff that i like or i might want to play
合集创建者 Smokey McBongwater
Games I want k
合集创建者 Smashplaya
Games I want k
The Best Ones
合集创建者 Jason Eller
The Best of The Best
合集创建者 bootszebi
just my collection and wish list
All the wants
合集创建者 bagszi
games i want in steam
Cool games :D
合集创建者 Fuwafuwaru
合集创建者 Entropy
all the things i would love playing
合集创建者 bakayona
this is my collections >:C
Take Care
合集创建者 fadedlikeerase
Started from the bottom.
Surper Happy Fun Time for PsycheBunny
合集创建者 thatdeergirl
This is just a collection of games I like. Enjoy~
My Greenlight
合集创建者 T7
Is my collection ;3
Games I want to see
合集创建者 Lee33701
These are the games that I want to see made and aren't normally available. That is why I am listing games that i think would be entertaining and educational or that I find interesting at the same time
合集创建者 Farky
合集创建者 Spicy Big Daddy
greenlit games
合集创建者 DragonLord53
fun games XP
合集创建者 dleogh1280
Collection of fun games :D
Favourite Game(s)!
合集创建者 CORGEH
Favourite games!
Greenlight Collection
合集创建者 BloodRedSnow
合集创建者 Smokey McBongwater
Just games
The Awesome game list
合集创建者 dimka
It's just that awesome.
Games I Like
合集创建者 Warchamp7
A collection of all the games I find interesting or fun
Interesting Games
合集创建者 Deatux
Just some games id like to try out if ever possible :P
Games to get!
合集创建者 Tyy
Cool looking Games!
My favorite?
合集创建者 mackerel2k8
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