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cool games i want and you should too!!
收藏者: Fryguyscraft
you should look and vote for these awsome games!
收藏者: Battousai
keep walking... collection!
games i whont :P
收藏者: THE FOX
vet inte ser uta att funka endå dom andra ser ju skit dåliga ut :/
收藏者: Aurora
LastDruid's Greenlight picks.
收藏者: LastDruid
I really hope these games make it onto Steam. I wish all the devs the best of luck.
Something a little different
收藏者: Hornet Cup
A collection of games from dev's that obviously are a labour of love, and are not clones or sequel's of retail games. This is what Greenlight is all about.
still alive
收藏者: Ракета
zoombi surviver horror
收藏者: Justin Me™'s Little Sister###
Its interesting because its got a spectagular name "Angel" and its very exsciting to see where all the stuff that you adventure and its very amazing how there are some levels and you have to collect all the items. Its fun to hang with your friends in the ...
收藏者: Jawsoflife353
Some games
收藏者: TipsyTiny
interesting games
City Builders
收藏者: Nomad
I remember playing Sim City and then Caesar 3. The allure of building up your city is the best way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon. This collection is about all the city building games - God knows there aren't enough of these around.
Games I Want To See Happen
收藏者: SniberMode ︻デ═-- -
For Me. These Are The Games That Should Happen.
Значок SCP Containment breach
收藏者: Timur_rus
trading card Steam SCP Containment breach 8 cards to create the icon 1 card-SCP-079 2 card-SCP-173 3-Card-SCP-106 4-card SCP-049 5 Card-SCP-970 6-Card-SCP-1025 7-card-SCP-049 8-card-SCP-096
My Greenlight
收藏者: [ID] MLeNoSH_KETS2I
收藏者: domokun
收藏者: Steve
Games I want.
blambo wants greenlight!!!
收藏者: Blambo
games that need a greenlight in my opinion.
моя коллекция
收藏者: Anzorii_55rus
это моя коллекция и интересна мне она
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