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BDX777's Personal Favorites :|
Коллекция от: Le BDX777
Personal Favorites
Коллекция от: TouchToneEd
Games I Played
Коллекция от: Festive Wolfe the Furry gamer
I've time travelled into the future and have played these games AND THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Коллекция от: Bellamy
Коллекция от: Nilson97Csn
Games Id Like greenlit!
Коллекция от: 5thspacestudios
These are more refreshing adventure games.
Studio Mercato
Коллекция от: shu
NYC Indie Games
Коллекция от: ★ ŞωéèŦ Ñǿωè♏฿∑Ŕ ツ
games i approve of GREATLY
Коллекция от: deathcore_brony666
Karmac's Greenlight Collection
Коллекция от: Pistachio
I selected these games because of their attractive premise, design and concept; games that are actually viable to be on the official Steam store.
First-person Puzzle Games on Steam Greenlight
Коллекция от: Jon
This is a collection of First-Person Puzzle games on Steam Greenlight. Included games are either: 1) Not yet Greenlit 2) Greenlit but unavailable for purchase I have also included some games that may be more closely described as first-person explor...
Fish Approved Games
Коллекция от: djfishfish
My Personal Choice of games.
dude this is awesome
Коллекция от: totashi777
These are games I am impressed with while greenlighting, which I do often. Hope you enjoy.
Коллекция от: Gibbsn
Hallo Steam User, wir sind der Deutsche Server zu The Mana World. Ihr seid Herzlich Eingeladen auf unserem Server zu Spielen. Aktuell befinden wir uns im Umbau, welcher unseren Server wieder mehr an den Offiziellen anpassen soll. Ausserdem ist ein...
Коллекция от: krathos
NIDAN Software.
Коллекция от: neomahakala108
Коллекция от: sammivez
Games I have funded on Kickstarter
Коллекция от: Friendly Floyd
Games that focus on music; ideally, ones that have the gameplay influence the music, instead of the other way around, yet that can work as well.
Games I voted Yes on Greenlight
Коллекция от: zeThib
game I have voted yes on Greenlight.
Something realistic
Коллекция от: kastuk
Realistic features of survival like air/water/food/heat needs. Detail crafting, injures, etc...
Space Epic
Коллекция от: dEAdOnE77
Includes all the Epic Space-games from the Greenlightsection. These games all have an aspect of a simulation.
games and tips
Коллекция от: r3dUxXx™
o colectrie reusita
the indie and puzzle game collection
Коллекция от: anasalaani
Batch 2014-12-06 ~ 2014-12-12
Коллекция от: Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-12-06 to 2014-12-12.
Коллекция от: kyomeno
ire agregando sandbox que tenga y que juegue para valorarlos
Proudly Filipino
Коллекция от: Mike
Filipino-developed games on Steam Greenlight.
Coleccion- Greenlight
Коллекция от: •TKS• KeyTestlay
Awesome Indie Games
Коллекция от: Lord_Wicki
This is a collection of awesome Indie Developers and all the hard work they have put into their love of games.
Zork Treasure Chest
Коллекция от: Zorky
I am a gamer mixed with sci fi and fantasy with a dash of steampunk, I am the Zork Grand Inquisitor and this is my collection of games I want to see get made and greenlighted.
Stuff I Like On Greenlight
Коллекция от: [RJR]ZenithianWarfare
Random shit from Greenlight that i think is cool
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