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greenlight lista
Коллекция от: Valox entreterimentos
On Greatest Indie Games
Коллекция от: TheMasquerader
Gathering all the games featured on the Greatest Indie Games website!
Must Buy Games
Коллекция от: Theodor
Self explained; Must have games! :P
Creative stuff
Коллекция от: Melarien
Artistic, fun and creative games with a twist in science.
Коллекция от: |{P1CT1H04K@:*M1LLIY
Коллекция от: M3
its just awesome
Best of Greenlight
Коллекция от: Songbird
A collection of iconic video games representative of a generation
Mindez's Greenlight Picks
Коллекция от: Mindez
I'm a Let's Player on Youtube and these are the games I'd most like to see on Greenlight come to Steam!
Коллекция от: [ITA]The Doctor stickman
all useless/troll simulator
Just Publish It Already
Коллекция от: {GFL}SentFromGame
This is for me to share what I want ON steam, immediately!
My Games!
Коллекция от: Bryan - Lone Coder
Коллекция от: Felix
Anime, moe and fanservice.
Code Greenlight
Коллекция от: Alex
Games that need to be on Steam. Help vote these awesome titles up!
Toucanleap's Games
Коллекция от: Toucanleap
Hi, I play games, I like games, I'm thinking of making games. I've just complied a list of games that I like, and that I think you should take a look at. Everything here may not be your favourite, but I'm sure there will be something, right? Tou...
My Game
Коллекция от: Mimeri
Happy GrennLight
Коллекция от: ZiliottoMK
Treleus' Lovely Adventure Picks
Коллекция от: Techno
Here are the 3D adventure games on Greenlight I find the most interesting, relaxing, or simply immersive. Does not include point-and-click adventure games.
Catbvan's Favourites
Коллекция от: Catbvan
Just my favourite greenlight submits yo <3
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