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Greenlight™ Must Have!
Коллекция от: [CPC] NovaCorps
PXTW Greenlight Picks
Коллекция от: stander
Игры, за которые стоит проголосовать [via]
Space Game Junkie's Recommended Space Game Greenlight List
Коллекция от: BrianRubin
My name is Brian Rubin, and I'm something of a space game expert, I'd like to think. My site, Space Game Junkie ( is dedicated to supporting old and new, indie and AAA computer space games, and the purpose of this list is to...
Magixe's Greenlight Gems
Коллекция от: Magixe
Welcome to my collection of greenlight gems! I need your help to bring more awesome games to steam and every vote helps. Take a look at my personal favourites and maybe you will find some good games that you also want to be released on steam. This ...
We love InfiniMiner
Коллекция от: Greener
Follow the Notch! - 3079 ...Minecraft space opera? - Blockscape ...Minecraft Advanced? - CastleMiner Z ...Minecraft got assault weapon! - Cube Park ...Minecraft got illuminator - Latura ...maybe Minecraft. - StarMade ...Minecr...
Best for Mac
Коллекция от: Eqnx8TH
Best of all indie for Mac.
GreenLight Games
Коллекция от: Arpegius
Games that show promise.
Hardcore Games
Коллекция от: John Muxxer
Hardcore games, that games very hard, where you get one hit and you'll die, or games very realistic and hardest- This are games for crazy people and true gamers that love difficulty. ENJOY!
Games I Favourited
Коллекция от: Stumpokapow
It'd be really nice if I could just conveniently share my favourites list with my friends without having to jump through hoops like this
Steam Greenlight & Concepts Collection
Коллекция от: KING
A massive collection of the best Steam Greenlight & Concept games on Steam!
Коллекция от: CLANNAD
all my favourites
Коллекция от: stuartkaka
my choice of online games
Indie Software
Коллекция от: Tuong
My Indie Software Collection ...
Коллекция от: Bluephaser
Коллекция от: [Spring] Palpek
A collection of the best indie games selected by the author and friends of - a blog with extreme gaming photoshops. It has no agenda, no connections - just a few award winning and anticipated games that are simply good. A smal...
Free keys if it's released on steam
Коллекция от: Joaco! - Cuenta Secundaria
Коллекция от: mertmelisyilmaz
bu vector oyunu animasyon ve model oyunu
GamersGate Greenlight
Коллекция от: Star Wars 7 BB-8
Games that have appeared on other distribution services but aren't on Steam yet
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