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Коллекция от Nova
Best Greenlight Games
Коллекция от Loqus GFX~
This is a collection that will hold my personal favourites posted on STEAM GREENLIGHT
Коллекция от ADMIN
Коллекция от Assassinale
allora, in africa si trovano tanti alberi e i bambini di colore si infiltrano tra essi per nascondersi, un bambino ha vissuto nascosto per 3 anni in mezzo a due alberi, tutti lo cercavano e nessuno lo trovava. Un giorno è uscito dal suo nascondiglio gr...
Futre Racing
Коллекция от Beforcial
Actually good looking games
Коллекция от DivineWolf
Games that actually have some promise, and are worth being greenlit.
Great Indie Games
Коллекция от Ghost
Коллекция от gotomah
Project I pledged for or are somehow involved in crowdfunding.
Коллекция от boab
Danish developed games #dkgame
Коллекция от KyM
Коллекция от fmc' Arizona
Jeu à suivre!
Коллекция от ikun9x
GreenLight Personal Collection
Коллекция от MikeDaBasque
Collection Games
Коллекция от DJ Oleg
Интересные игры которые стоит подумать.
Коллекция от E♂Curry
Коллекция от MrBouBouBiDou
my collects
Коллекция от kindxx
i could play all day while throwin all the pain.
Fun Stuffs
Коллекция от jess.wood88
Fun Stuffs
Best Space Greenlights!
Коллекция от Jeff
The best Indie Spaceship Shooters on Greenlight! Tons of fun. Yargis is our favorite :)
First-person turn-based CRPG
Коллекция от Gallem
a good game
Коллекция от Batman's Pet Sloth
dinosaur battlegrounds is very very good
Russian indie (+CIS)
Коллекция от Sersgant_Rodin
Suba Games
Коллекция от Suba Games
Greetings one and all! Welcome to the Official Suba Games Greenlight Collection. We are featuring all of our titles that have made it onto Steam's Greenlight, we've got games ranging from a casual FPS to an arcadish aerial combat game and an assortmen...
Коллекция от Lunatrius
Most games with "simulator" in the title.
Коллекция от Foruxar
mariomans collection
Коллекция от MARIOMAN6444
this is some of the games and stuff mario likes...
Epic Games yet!
Коллекция от XxGhillieSniperxX
Challak: Platformer
Коллекция от Challak
A collection of notable platformers on Steam Greenlight. This collection will adhere -for the most part- to the standard accepted definition. A platform game (or platformer) is a video game which involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended pl...
Now These are Games!
Коллекция от AJ1AJ
These are games that are worthy to be games :)
Коллекция от angel
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