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Challak: Top-down Action-Adventure Games
Коллекция от: Challak
This collection will feature mainly those action-adventure games that make use of 2D, top-down (or overhead) perspectives, similar to that of StarTropics (NES), most of the Legend of Zelda games (such as A Link to the Past for SNES), and Illusion of Gaia ...
Cemacle6's Greenlight
Коллекция от: Cemacle6Gaming
Otome Games
Коллекция от: Wija
The otome games wish list. Dating cute 2D boys is the way to go, boys and girls ;D
Games Want
Коллекция от: ZombieUsr
Games I just want to play
Коллекция от: 9littlebees
Games featured after an apocalypse - my favourite setting!
New Ideas!! For a Collection.
Коллекция от: inkadinkadoo82
New Ideas Collection. A place with games that are worth adding to a collection.
Games I've Worked On
Коллекция от: SakimotoFanboy
This is just a collection featuring Greenlight games I've been a part of in some way - usually as a music composer, sometimes as a sound designer. Of course, any upvote for any of these games is awesome!
Коллекция от: ziot
Game & Watch
Коллекция от: adriandowe
These are future arts.
Коллекция от: Global Pandemic
Just a list of games that i think have potential in the community
Enes Göttür
Коллекция от: Utku
Коллекция от: <uNcLe>
Potential Games :D
Must Have
Коллекция от: nWo|LatinoKilla
koniecznie chcę w nie zagrać!
Коллекция от: SiRKiP
half life
Коллекция от: Tyski
Коллекция от: ๖ۣۜRedGhost
Operations Net Games
Коллекция от: DiegFC
Коллекция от: И ЭТОТ НИК НАДОЕЛ
Zenci'den seçmeler
Коллекция от: BeyaZenci
fena oyunlar, zenci seçti tabi
Коллекция от: HunT.
Коллекция от: /,,/ Hayashi /,,/
RPGs que eu quero jogar futuramente!
Who you are in the middle?
Коллекция от: Who you are in the middle?
this for dota2
Toxic Buddha's Greenlight Picks
Коллекция от: Toxic Buddha
Games I like the look of...
source games
Коллекция от: bm killler10 ☠
source engine based grenlight game
Relax Games Collection
Коллекция от: Finn # 1476
Relaxation Games Collection. Games for real relaxation...
Коллекция от: Zhirotron
Good shiznit
Коллекция от: Animu Dan [OH-GG]
~Games that are designed by the pixel-art style~
Коллекция от: Relentless Scyther V.2
Well, here it is. :3 This collection only contains the following: - Games that were created by pixel art graphics, and the Genre of the games in this collections are 'Rouge-like.'
``Simply The Best``
Коллекция от: NoregsVikingar
I rate games, some god and some bad. The worst are not ready for ``Valhalla``, but some of the best are ready to rule the sky together with ``Thor``, these are the games rated ``Simply The Best``
Коллекция от: Sathyaman
My Favorite Games
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