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Indie Games I support
Коллекция от AlexisB
Liste de jeux prometteurs que je soutien.
My collection
Коллекция от [[S_A]]LordhelmeT
Коллекция от Tridentgamer9
Just awesome.
Коллекция от TAC
My Greenlight picks
N7 Collection
Коллекция от Nillson
A Cool Games In Steam Greenlght
Коллекция от TheWillDit
Hi developers !!! You can offer me their work and if I liked it, I tried to break it into Steam Good luck :D
Greenlight collection of favs
Коллекция от just another defective
Games to Keep an Eye on
Коллекция от The Squidiferous One
Personal Collection of Games which seem worth keeping an eye on.
made in RUSSIA
Коллекция от MyLord
Игры от отечественных разработчиков
My Greenlight Collection
Коллекция от ❄r3dsn0w000™❄ [Cristi]🎮
This collection consists of Greenlight & Greenlit games and software that I like and personally recommend!
Games that looks awesome/ cool
Коллекция от inokillzombies
Games that looks interesting to play. And games that seems to be awesome! :)
Devs BR
Коллекция от Dwolfy
Jogos de desenvolvedores brasileiros
Great RPG Maker Games
Коллекция от DarkCreator50
This collection is for all the games made in RPG maker engine that I considered as great.
Lgbt games
Коллекция от Dramatical Noiz
Games that have Lgbt content in them and not yet available on steam. LGBT games on steam.
My Greenlight projects
Коллекция от Yazaa
Developing: What the Dark Keeps
thumbs Up
Коллекция от devenchristeson
good games that have lots of potential
Amazing games
Коллекция от wizard master結城晶子リト
this list of games are games that dont haev to be gta5 style graphix or any others like that the game is amazeing in its own way depending on gameplay story or overall how the game looks ingenral online stuff such as co op multiplayer or other online s
Awesome Games are our future
Коллекция от -GEM- Ω Childofdagon
Awesome Games are our future, a personal selection through all cetegories, with a focus on horror/sci-fi, action, shooter, adventure Games. This is our future and i love it. Game on Bro's and Sis's
RavenField blog
Коллекция от little1233s
This collection is mainly based on ravenfield stuff i have made a blog for ravenfield check it out!
My Collection
Коллекция от jesus
Interesting Games
Коллекция от Mug3nXK
My list of games that have my attention
Коллекция от T!GERSH4RK
Boss games for bosses. If you would like to suggest any games that I should check out please leave a link in the comments, thanks!
Hot Games / Must Have
Коллекция от Chaz
A collection of Hot upcoming titles for Great games by cool developers . Must see! Must Greenlight! Must have! On Steam. Thanks. If you're a developer and if you're on my friend list (or I'm on your friend list) and you think you would like
Greenlight Tomorrow Star
Коллекция от wknet1988
Коллекция от Nowacking ッ手
Bear's Collection
Коллекция от Bear
Greenlight Games.
Kawaii Collection
Коллекция от NOZAKI
In this collection i will show you Kawaii / Manga anime games. I hope you find games you like :3
My favorites
Коллекция от -{Geo}- Cegorach
Japanese Animation Collection
Коллекция от ♢達斯♦維達♢
For those who like Japanese Animation, that's the best choice for you guys. In there, you will find some anime games that you didn't fav, and I hope you guys can enjoy it. Thanks for your support to make this anime collection better. 日呆玩家的
Portal and Portal 2 Mods and Concepts
Коллекция от RedSkittleFox
This is collection with all portal and portal 2 mods
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