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Promising Linux Greenlight Games
Коллекция от: Brian [Linux]
Jomarcenter: Gaming Gear - The GREENLIGHT HIDDEN GEM LIST!
Коллекция от: [JCGG] Jomarcenter - MJM
Steam Greenlight the place where game developer can try to put their games, From the games that simple like a simulator games to a game that came from the big companies like Mastiff/Falcom Gurumin. This is the complete list of games that is until today le...
Greenlight Games with Turkish Language
Коллекция от: c00L
Bu koleksiyon, Steam Greenlight'ta bulunan ve Türkçe dil desteği içeren / vaadeden projelerin takip edilmesini sağlamaktadır. Listede bulunmayan Türkçe oyunları dahil edilmesi için bildiriniz.
Tiruliru's Greenlight Wishlist Collection
Коллекция от: Tiruliru
This is a list of games on Greenlight yet to be released. Here I list games that: - I definitely want to see on the store and play. - I want and/or I think are worth a try. - Appear to be interesting and got my attention. - Some joke games, because w...
Коллекция от: KyM
Best Games
Коллекция от: DinoBatt
Best games in Greenlight
Greenlight Games on Bundles
Коллекция от: devotee
Greenlight games that where featured on game bundles.
thumbs Up
Коллекция от: devenchristeson
good games that have lots of potential
Pinkamena Diana Pie Corporation
Коллекция от: Pinkamena Diana Pie[MBG]
Linux Games Collection
Коллекция от: Cokai
This collection lists games of Greenlight that are a) not for sale on steam yet and b) have been updated within the last 12 month at least and not marked as dead yet and c) not totally crap (crap means either it has only very bad comments or a bad g...
Green Light Christmas Bundle
Коллекция от: Stolen Couch Games
Buy this bundle right now at:
My favorite Start Ups
Коллекция от: ♖T´Pau♘
Greenlight Web Facebook ...
Mods And Stuff of valve games!
Коллекция от: Dr Hismario123
This has lots of stuff
Polskie GRY na STEAMA
Коллекция от: jan12jan12jan
Pomóżmy polskim produkcjom dostać się na STEAMA
Old School Games
Коллекция от: John Muxxer
Do you miss the old games? Those you played when you were a child? Well, with this collection you will return to the past and will have nostalgia, this collection is solely dedicated to the retro style games that are on Steam Greenlight for votes and o...
Groupees Greenlight Collection
Коллекция от: Groupees
We at Groupees are big supporters of independent developers. And this is our collection of games we think are awesome and should be voted up on Steam. Some of these games been in our Bundles, and others we just love to much to not include in this collecti...
Space Game Junkie's All-Inclusive Space Game Greenlight List
Коллекция от: BrianRubin
My name is Brian Rubin, and I'm something of a space game expert, I'd like to think. My site, Space Game Junkie ( is dedicated to supporting old and new, indie and AAA computer space games, and the purpose of this list is to...
Five Nights at Freddy's
Коллекция от: efecankaya56
Best Games On Greenlight
Коллекция от: KingDragonX™
Here are a list of fantastic games. Help them and vote if you like. I'll keep this collection updated with new wonderful games and i'll post the list of any of this games that would be greenlit with your help. Here the list: Astray Battle of Bikanous ...
Alexspeed´s Steam Greenlight Picks
Коллекция от: Alexspeed
I've seen things you gamer's wouldn't believe. AAA-Games ruined because they are only on Origin. I watched Indies glitter in all those Bundles and on GamersGate. All those moments will be lost to Steam Greenlight... like the sale you missed... Tim...
Suba Games
Коллекция от: Suba Games
Greetings one and all! Welcome to the Official Suba Games Greenlight Collection. We are featuring all of our titles that have made it onto Steam's Greenlight, we've got games ranging from a casual FPS to an arcadish aerial combat game and an assortmen...
Коллекция от: Donley Time Foundation
What I like!
Psyhological Horror
Коллекция от: ps58
Психологические хорроры
Generals Indie Collections of Urgency
Коллекция от: General Chaøs™
These all games I have interest in and think will bring good things to steam.Released games will remain so to check new entries just look at the announcements history.Some people like to look through greenlight collections for games they might want to buy...
FPEG: First-Person Exploration Games (Main Collection)
Коллекция от: GameGlomp
An ever-growing list of First Person Exploration Games, as well as helpful "sub-collections" at the bottom of the list for those who want to quickly find their new favorite FPEG! If you're seeking exploration mixed with horror, exploration mixed with aiml...
Unique Games
Коллекция от: Guides for Games [Catherine]
Did you miss out on that fun, eccentric part of Steam Greenlight? This collection should bring you up-to-date with everything off the beaten path! There are many different games and genres in here, which is why all the genres are selected. I have o...
BlueBatch - Greenlight Batches
Коллекция от: Mightyy
Today we’ve collected another batch of titles to be featured, and advance through Steam Greenlight, and be offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles have been silently Greenlit so we’ve come along to solve this issue. Join the SteamGr...
Коллекция от: Shichirobei
Juegos próximos de GL.
PC Gamer Greenlight collection
Коллекция от: PC Gamer
Indie Games
Коллекция от: Tuong
My Indie Games Collection ...
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