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Brazilian Games in Greenlight - Jogos brasileiros em Greenlight
Коллекция от Titoncio
Games developed by brazilian studios in Greenlight only. If you know some brazilian game who is not in this collection, please tell us ;) Join our group: Follow our Curator: http://store.steampowered...
Great Games that should be Steam Greenlit
Коллекция от The One Goochinatr
Here I will collect all the great games on Steam Greenlight so you guys can vote for them and don't have to sift through heaps of garbage!
Коллекция от YamyyYamyy
The list of games that I approve in GREENLIGHT!
Коллекция от Xulingue ® +ĐƗ1ØØØ
Коллекция от DarkAngel
wow shit
Коллекция от FTF ∙ bk.
Коллекция от 💕 Evee -E-
Коллекция от DmC-sleVen
Just a small collection of FPS Shooter games im looking forward to play!
Precision Games
Коллекция от MikeVitt
These games have been created by Precision Games, LLC. Web site: Birth of Shadows is an RPG where you play as a Shadow Knight with unique rage mechanics. Campaign and Co-op multiplayer. Create new content with powerful map ...
Good Game
Коллекция от Houtarou Oreki
RealLife RPG
Коллекция от MrMomox
Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf das Game und selbst wenn es was kosten sollte was ich verstehen könnte da die Entwickler viel zeit und mühe investieren würde ich es mir trotz alle dem kaufen richtig geile Sache die ihr da macht fetten Daumen nach oben und a...
yellers collection
Коллекция от BSF Yellerbelly
Anime Collection
Коллекция от Vincent♥
We are waiting for you <3
Oldschool Shooter
Коллекция от KeyG
Hier stelle ich die Greenlight Oldschool Ego-Shooter vor, die man mit Quake, DooM, Hexen, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life vergleichen könnte. Falls jemand noch welche findet einfach ein Kommentar schreiben und ich nehme sie gerne mit rein.
Anime Collection
Коллекция от Alesha♥Themistocles
Cute anime games and we are voting all great games
Games that should be greenlit
Коллекция от jmjovan59
Bear's Pit Greenlight Favourites
Коллекция от Shanga
Bear's Pit is all about tactical squad games that inherit the legacy of our all time favorite - the epic Jagged Alliance. We'll support and promote any indie developer that dares to take on this challenge.
Horny Plays Greenlight Picks
Коллекция от dmcclccam
Коллекция от WebGames
Shannara55's Otome Collection.
Коллекция от Shannara55 ♥
Mostly Otome, RPG, adventure games or dating simulators
Tales Of Wuxia
Коллекция от 【世】
The Best of Steam Greenlight
Коллекция от Silent Trap
This is the collection of the best things that can be found on Steam Greenlight. Greenlit, or not.
Коллекция от Asuna YAYA
Just vote... XD
Коллекция от Samuel Hypnos
Favorited Games \ Collections ♥
Коллекция от ` Rikka~ ♥
A collection of games \ other collections I favorited, if you want to check them out. ^^
Коллекция от erce :D
BMX The Game !
Коллекция от m!am.
Cool Looking Games
Коллекция от WG | Mr Pringg Is A Fat Princess
Коллекция от deiwel26
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit
Коллекция от Maverik770
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit. That about sums it up. There is so much crap that gets approved through Greenlight while hundreds of really good games and projects get log jammed in the process. This is a list of games that I feel really deserve to be ...
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