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K1CHWA's L4D2 Francis Skin Archive
Коллекция от TOG | K1CHWA
A COLLECTION OF ONLY FRANCIS SKINS* please DO NOT redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own. *including mods that use my assets
Left 4 Dead HD Pack
Коллекция от Nerdbox
A collection of addons that provide a noticeable graphic improvement to the game. All are improved retextures or remodels, and none are obnoxious or take away from the game's overall feel.
Sprinklez Fun Collection
Коллекция от Kat
Fun textures from my workshop, if you would like your L4D2 to look silly and fun. Items are organized for easier viewing and subscribing. If you viewed the collection please leave a rating, thank you. -Sprinklez
Star Wars Mods
Коллекция от Stay Puft
Find Star Wars related mods here.
XD001's Modifications
Коллекция от XD001
This is a collection for my various mods and mods that I have contributed to. Also be sure to not to subscribe to the same kind of mods as they may conflict. Please find the rest of my mods at: http://www.gamemaps.com/profile/33107 Cheers, -
GTA Themed Survivors and Songs
Коллекция от LycanCHKN
All the best GTA characters ported into survivors in the workshop will be here. And the best sound mod too! (My opinion of course!)
Steampunk Atmosphere
Коллекция от fen.exe
Collection of mods that will help create the atmosphere of STEAMPUNK in the Left 4 Dead 2 PLEASE LIKE AND ADD TO FAVORITES! YOU WILL NOT DIFFICULT, BUT I AM PLEASED
Overwhatch in L4D2
Коллекция от SlagSlagBright
V2.1 Updata 补档
Disturbed's Weapon Scripts
Коллекция от Disturbed
More stopping power, realistic magazines and shotgun capacity, better range and penetration for your weaponry! Some of these scripts are modified according to some magnificient weapon skins and their real life stats...
Коллекция от 斯吉劳soap君
Call of Duty Zombies Addons
Коллекция от GTA R0CKS
Different things to make the best Zombies experience.
Intros Hyperdimension to Left 4 Dead 2
Коллекция от Terminator
Si te gusta mucho Hyperdimension Neptunia creo que te puede gustar esto pero para Left 4 Dead 2. Espero que te guste.
HD Weapon Retextures [WiP]
Коллекция от Robert J. F. Calais
This collection contains my HD retextures for the default (and soon also custom) weapons, is currently a heavy work in progress and will get new content frequently. Note, 4/4/2016: Since I rarely do anything related to L4D2 modding anymore, this project
Kantai Collection (Kancolle) and Gachimuchi (GachiGASM,Gachi,哲♂学) and Dank Stuff
Коллекция от Kanna Mothapuckin Kamui
Collection of Gachimuchi, Kancolle, And Dank Stuffs
Killing Floor Collection
Коллекция от Khrainos 💕
There might be more in the future. Enjoy.
Left 4 Kawaii 2
Коллекция от DIMITRI
Tellement kawaii *__*
The Xenomorph Collection (Aliens)
Коллекция от Stay Puft
Find Aliens, AVP, Xenomorph, Marines, and other related stuff here.
Pyramid Head's Infected Music Collection
Коллекция от Pyramid Head
This collection will eventually contain music mods for all Special Infected. So far I've finished Boomer, Spitter, Witch, Tank and Charger More to follow :)
ThatSquidBoy's L4D2 stuff
Коллекция от ThatSquidBoy
All my l4d2/related workshop items. Enjoy
Коллекция от This Coffee is sweet!
Коллекция от LiFill
·Colorful weapons ·interesting sound effects ·Doors and lights 好吧我知道你們可能看不懂… (╯‵□′)╯boom ! •••*~● 俺随便簡單介紹一下 (描述正在建设中,顺序混乱待补完) Paintball Mode 彩彈 就是一槍打過去到處炸得花花綠綠的那種 Rainbow flashlight 彩色燈光 就是電筒燈光的圖案和mod介紹圖片一樣 Blue Spitter Acid 藍色的Spitter酸液
Attack On Titan
Коллекция от Silverado 117
Here is the Attack On Titan skins I have (and will) be making. All in one nice group. Ain't I nice? Enjoy
Коллекция от Easter B. Hopsevelt
A number of items for your New-Years Eve' Party :)
Коллекция от Ack
Minecraft Related mods and the collection of Deathcraft maps
Anthropomorphic Survivors!
Коллекция от ☢ Shiro Okami ☢
A collection of anthropomorphic survivors made by Shiro and Rex.
Nicky_Da_B's Melee Weapon Collection
Коллекция от Nicky_Da_B
This is a collection of all the melee weapons I have made for L4D2.
Real World Ammunition (Exclusive Version)
Коллекция от XxEeNnXxEeIi
REAL WORLD AMMUNITION : Exclusive Collection * This collection contain all addon in this version. * Some of each individual firearm scripts can't use across version. * Some of each individual firearm scripts not has ability same in full version. * Read
Коллекция от Alza
Gender-Swapped Special Infected
Коллекция от Zetnus
Looking for a... female hunter? female smoker? male witch? female jockey? male spitter? female uncommon infected? You've come to the right place. A collection of mods which change the special infected to the opposite gender of what they normall
Left 4 Dead 2 MAP
Коллекция от MisoNoodle
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