Team Fortress 2
А вам это по плечу?
Создавайте новые предметы (например, шляпы, оружие, значки, ботинки и т.п.) и отправляйте их на рассмотрение для добавления в игру. Нажмите здесь, чтобы узнать подробности.
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Sir Killer
Коллекция от Syclaun
Minigun pou le heavy menacant.
The Immigrant’s Inheritance Pack
Коллекция от <<GT500>> JZeeba
A care package of items from home to remind Heavy of his life before bullets
Gambler's Gambit Styles
Коллекция от Mickyan
Modding Competition #1 Retro Futuristic
Коллекция от Evil_Knevil
Website: Steam Group: What is it? The modding competition is meant as a challenge for various modellers and contributors to work within a team. Those teams are faced with r
Коллекция от PEAR
House DeGroot
Коллекция от Big Bob
And now the match begins. Concept by Tabby
Down jacket forever
The Commandant
Коллекция от CoBalt
Mr. In-Charge Boss Guy
The Barbershop Brawler V2
Коллекция от DatGmann
A remake of a set i've made earlier this year.
Badger's War Wares
Коллекция от BADGERPIG
A collection of items I've taken part in making that are based around the theme of war. Pure, bloody war. So get your gear here, soldiers! Those enemies won't be defeating themselves!
L'assassin classique
Коллекция от Ernest
Commencing operation Spy Eater
Nordic Ornaments
Коллекция от DeR‎osaJ
Bushman Mundy
Коллекция от drew
Set for the Jungle TF2 update.
Halloweenie 2012 Spooktacular Wishlist
Коллекция от GMaple
Contains Halloween themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and cosmetic items that I would love to see Valve include in a Scream Fortress update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for Halloween Workshop items....
Frantic Fireman Set Styles
Коллекция от Voodoo
Frantic Fireman Set : 3 Styles Frantic Fireman: A fire extinguisher backpack (Back-up Plan) AND a set of boots (Ash Kickers) Back-up Plan : A higher poly Fire Extinguisher backpack ONLY. Ash Kickers : Fireman boots ONLY. (compatible with oth
christian the brutal snipers WIFE ...
Коллекция от Jackk
you can get instant kills from this gun but to grt them you must get 3 headshost in 1 life then turn the opposing team to ash. it reduces 25% running speed but gives u a fast health regeneration. i came up with this idea because we have mostly all the dr g
Xtreme Overload's TF2 Taunts
Коллекция от ShowGoat
Here are all the taunts I have submitted to the TF2 workshop.
Pride of Cossack
Коллекция от NiVeR
Team Fortress 2 exist for a long time, during which Valve added a lot of items on various subjects, but nothing about the Cossacks :-(. So we decided to create something that can make the characters from the game like the Cossacks. We believe, you will lik
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