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"Master of Puppets" Medic Set SFM Assets
Коллекция от Astute
Just a collection of the various SFM assets related to the "Master of Puppets" Medic set. Links: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [url=
Team Fortress 2 Invasion - SFM Pack
Коллекция от Practical Problems
The Team Fortress 2 Invasion SFM Collection! WE ARE IN THE BEAM - of content!
SFM/TF2 oWn Medic's Our World Now (Full Pack) Collection
Коллекция от The Admiral ᴰᴹ|ᴬˢᴬ
This complete pack includes:: oWn's Humans, Bots and Buildables VTF files only. Video of what the mod looks like:: -- Original Model belongs to:: Valve/Steam -- Original oWn Hex Skin Design belongs to::
SFM-Sonic hero pack
Коллекция от amharstomer54
Contents: Sonic (Modern) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) Sonic (Classic) (has eye/finger/faceposing, alternate skins) Sonic ball (has a set of flexes to control the skew) Sonic wisp transformations Super/Hyper/Dark Sonic (Modern) (has
ARK: Survival Evolved Content
Коллекция от Nikout13
A collection where you can find your favorite dinosaurs from the game ARK: Survival Evolved.
Overwatch Prop Packs
Коллекция от Speeder99123
Prop packs for Overwatch.
Ponyville Environments
Коллекция от Discopears
This is a collection of all my Ponyville Environments centered submissions. mlp -I'll add more here later-
SFM Godzilla Collection
Коллекция от UltramanUltimo
A collection of various monsters ported over from Godzilla Unleashed. Originally rigged by DeviantArt User, MMDCharizard. This is only here for your convenience, and more monsters are incoming.
Undertale Collection
Коллекция от BigLump
This is simply going to be a place for all of the undertale stuff popping up. 1 stop shopping, if you will
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