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Chinese Developer
Colecţia lui Rock
Collect the game which developer by Chinese.
Ils méritent largement Steam
Colecţia lui Le Baron Spiréal
Appelez cette collection comme vous le voulez : Spiréal's Seal of Approval, Spiréal's Greenlighted ou Ze Taupe of The Taupes. Mais tous ses jeux méritent d'être des jeux Steam pour diverses raisons, généralement pour la masse de travail fournie ou tout
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Content - Brian's picks
Colecţia lui brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poin
RSA = a combination of Rpg, Shooter and Action.
Colecţia lui d_khan
Everything RPG, Shooter and lots of Acton. These are games I believe will help change the way we look at indie developed games, and therefor they get my vote and support. Enjoy..
Synchrotron Team
Colecţia lui Owlahk
All games\mods from Synchrotron Team combined in one collection! Don't forget to add to favourites and rate us.
King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights
Colecţia lui Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights collection highlights all the games that I have helped get Greenlighted on Steam. I will be adding more games to the collection as more become Greenlighted. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if
Game I WILL buy day one!
Colecţia lui ZekeroX Blade
Just a collection of games that I would recommend to people and a reminder for me on to which games I really wanted to buy.
Let's Smoke it up on Steam!
Colecţia lui xBladeSora
A collection that truly captures what I think should come to steam. It'll be awesome and showcase the games and other software that truly belong there.
My Favorites
Colecţia lui YCChen
The best games
Zeromus47's Favorite Greenlight Games
Colecţia lui zeromus47
Games I follow
Colecţia lui Itsun
Shadocel's Collection
Colecţia lui Arkadia Shadowhart
All the games I want to see/play.
World War II
Colecţia lui Güber
These are World War II themed games. These games are beautiful and extremely fun!
Só os fodas
Colecţia lui Sir Pero the Wanderer
Hard Work I Will Shell Out the Cash For
Colecţia lui Christ Catnap
If it ain't on this list, it ain't on my mind.
Colecţia lui DJP0N3 the W4RD3N 3T3RN4L
it is all the half lifes
Lix Collection
Colecţia lui Lix
Colecţia lui ^1Sion
einfach goil
MoaXing Gaming's Greenlight Picks
Colecţia lui WaftiestMinge
Hi guys I'm MoaXing from YouTube. This collection features Half-Life 2 mods and other indie titles. It's a little bit of everything so there should be something for everyone. I like to be involved in indie titles and these are just a few that I think look
Colecţia lui boraispa
Arma 3 Beta sürümü bize katılmak için facebook sayfamızı beyenin Arma 3 Türkiye
Colecţia lui 9pashaebashu
Colecţia lui gook
Games that give the "Mark of a True Gamer"
Colecţia lui BreakingPhobias
The following games are so stunning, engaging, creative and addictive, they will not only keep you coming back for more but also bestow upon thee the Mark of a True Gamer; wear it with pride~.
Pumpkin's Little Patch of Adventure
Colecţia lui Vivian Ironstar
Here in my patch you'll find the plumpest of pumpkins just ripe for the picking. Only games that that test your grit or have fire and explsions make my list. Of course, a little mental challenge every now and then couldn't hurt, right? I might be wrong o
Interesting Games
Colecţia lui onlyoneguardian
Casual games that can be played with friends. Some games may be played competitively. Others may be solo or novel based games.
Colecţia lui That Guy
Colecţia lui BeelzebubGiltine
sa sa sa sa sa
New shit
Colecţia lui d3drringr
New fucking shit.
Colecţia lui ziweoN
Colecţia lui Djangar
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