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Mtrainer1234's New Collection
Colecţia lui: Mtrainer1234
Colecţia lui: Liavain Axon
A collection of upcoming RPGs on Steam Greenlight that I am really looking forward to.
My Collection Of Greenlights
Colecţia lui: XenovaBooster
Terryble Games
Colecţia lui: Terryble
Just some games I like
Marco giochi
Colecţia lui: vich82
cool things
Colecţia lui: ✪ hey
cool stuff
Colecţia lui: 퓨리
게임들은 재미있는 것만 모아둠
My games
Colecţia lui: jurhill
Colecţia lui: 血の雨照らす
Colecţia lui: Corvus Haruspex
Colecţia lui: FreakinSmile
I like my collectoin nice and cool because I like cool games.I really like the fact that these games are coming to steam.
Single & Multi
Colecţia lui: D@rk Glo0M
Colecţia lui: Cornet
Games I Want to See
Colecţia lui: Tobes
A collection of games I would play.
Great Greenlight Games
Colecţia lui: Urban Ninja
Hello everyone! This collection brandishies the best games on Greenlight. Feel free to comment what games you feel should be added to this collection! Also please take some time to vote on some of the games featured here and show some support!
Colecţia lui: RavingDead
Anything that relates to anime (Looks, gameplay, etc.) that is worth putting in here. I expect mainly Visual Novels or fighting games to appear here (Not sure what kind of games other than that will be related) but anything else that is related is welcom...
the best
Colecţia lui: reid.nelson0404
only the best
Colecţia lui: ob-art
My collection of favorite cover icons
Apostas Ricco
Colecţia lui: renato r.
Já joguei e gostei ou me pareceu interessante.
Asia developer
Colecţia lui: Rock
Collect the developers in Asia.
Superior Cat Looks forward to these games
Colecţia lui: jaxon
These games require some thought! Not the usual reaction-based stuff.
Ops card
Colecţia lui: RKP_BoSS (FR)
Ops card et un jeu a monde ouvert avec minimap indice de recherche changement d'armes avec la roulette de la souris DLC Prenium et autre seront inclus . Introduction Vous incarnet John Ripeur un ancien millitère envoyer dans une mission tres specia...
The Supreme Paramount
Colecţia lui: Mars
This is a collection of games which I personally feel have managed to present themselves properly, showcasing actual innovation and interesting games. They are the games which makes me think "I would definitely pay money to play this game, no matter what!...
Things I like
Colecţia lui: Melty
Ohai there. Anyways this is a few of the games I like :D
Nice free games
Colecţia lui: 25c
These are FREE games that I thought were awesome!
This1Noob's Collection
Colecţia lui: This1Noob
Awesome Game Collection!!
Colecţia lui: GTORules
This Collection is Awesome! These Game Should So be In Steam!
Castle of action
Colecţia lui: arian501
A collection for action games that you must approve
Anime/Cartoon Games
Colecţia lui: SBBen0o
While looking around Greenlight, I noticed I liked a lot of the games with an anime and cartoon art style so I put it in a collection.
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