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Sunt afişate 601-630 din 3,886 de rezultate
Colecţia lui: Empathetic
Linux games, will support because they support Linux.
Colecţia lui: 元気 チョンプ
Intensity of the ultimate vintage. Imbibe the skywards falling thoroughly.
Rare gems
Colecţia lui: lagis
Greenlight is full of crap. Here are the rare gems I have managed to find so far.
Indie Royale - Back to School Bundle
Colecţia lui: Joker-kun890
This is a collection of games that are featured in the Indie Royale BTSB and are not yet on Steam.
Awesome Indie Games Collection
Colecţia lui: Lt. KittyFace
My collection of my personal favorite games that I feel deserve to be Greenlit. They look to have great gameplay and design, and deserve to get votes! I hope that others who see this list will consider checking out these games as well. I will continue to ...
Henjo's Picks
Colecţia lui: Henjoness
Just a collection of games Ive stumpled upon that I think deserves a shot. They might not all be far in development but I can see some appeal in them :D
lOrD gHoSt´s Sammelsurium
Colecţia lui: lOrD gHoSt
heyooooo, mein sammelsurium von games die ich auf steam sehen möchte. mehr oder weniger ^^ einige natürlich mehr als andere. Ich hätte gerne ein spiel wie Nox. Aber anscheinend steh ich hier ziemlich alleine mit diesem wunsch rum... :( als e...
"Have a Blast" Indie RPGs
Colecţia lui: OlderBytes
Games I think you should upvote because the games are FUN and, for the most part, built by people that sweated blood after tough days at work for years to make them see the light of day.
ConSouls GreenLight Collection!
Colecţia lui: DarkSlim
The official ConSouls collection of recommended Steam GreenLight games! האוסף הרשמי של קונסולס למשחקים מומלצים בגרינלייט!
The Gameolith Collection
Colecţia lui: Shrewsbury
This collection brings together a clutch of games from developers whose games are on Gameolith, the cross-platform game store. Featuring unreleased, new and old titles, and all of which are worth your upvotes! This collection will be updated frequently as...
Games on other distribution service already
Colecţia lui: evernals
Collection of games that are already on other mainstream digital distribution services. I'm talking about the likes of Gamersgate, GOG, Getgames...etc. No Desura or Indievania because that's too much games to track on here. On one hand, this collectio...
IndieGameStand games
Colecţia lui: Donpeste
These are the games from that you can vote in Steam Greenlight!
Colecţia lui: kassze
Colecţia lui: Alison Chains
A list of Metroidvania titles that I think currently have the most potential...though there are many more that may come along with a bit of work. If you think I'm missing a great one, lemme know. Please give suggestions for more titles to add! Demos...
Colecţia lui: Crow_MONARQ
Hello people this is my first time making a collection and i dont really know what to do so im just gonna try to come up with something you guys like.
LONELy Dog's Greenlight Collection
Colecţia lui: LONELy Dog
Awesome games I want to see greenlit.
Colecţia lui: Bala perdida
Kolekcja gier
Colecţia lui: Matis
Tutaj będą znajdować się gry które są warte uwagi, na które warto zagłosować.
Storm_at_Sea's Greenlight Collection
Colecţia lui: Storm_at_Sea
Games I hope get the Greenlight by Steam.
OverLord's Favorite
Colecţia lui: Nova ● OverLord ★ [Bz]
OverLord'un sizler için seçtikleri.
thumbs Up
Colecţia lui: devenchristeson
good games that have lots of potential
my collection
Colecţia lui: Gaby Legendar
Colecţia lui: Hanzo
Collection of awesome free to play games I find on Greenlight. What do I mean by awesome? Well I mean games that just make you go:"wow that's cool"(in a stereotypical 13 year old boy voice). I'm looking forward to all of these games. Of course some might ...
[{(/"Jeff Collection\")}]
Colecţia lui: jeffrey
Just a Normal Collection of Games and Personal stuff !!
Colecţia lui: Dreyfach
Games i want on steam
Games to Watch
Colecţia lui: sqrt of yams
Games on Greelight that I find to be very promising and interesting
Awesome Adventure Games
Colecţia lui: Tex Murphy
The following is a list of awesome adventure games that need to be on Steam! These games all tell amazing stories that pull the player into immersive worlds. These games are fun, exciting, thrilling, and never boring! Everyone should give these games a tr...
Colecţia lui: Mijuku ōkina hyō™
I have tried/played most of the games in this list :)
Nope Nope Nope 凸(¬_¬)凸
Colecţia lui: ◢◤LegolasTheElf◢◤
404 Not Found
Mac Games for those who Suck at Action/Shooter Games
Colecţia lui: lisa
What's interesting about this collection? Probably nothing, except to me, who happens to be one of those people who suck at action and shooter games. All I do is die. And then I die again. If you're like me, and the hand-eye coordination fairy skipped...
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