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GreenLight Wishlist
Colecţia lui: Blaz3r
A collection of games I've been watching on Green Light, and hope I get to play once they're released.
Scifi and fantasy
Colecţia lui: Renmiri
Sci Fi and Fantasy RPG that look good
Powa Games
Colecţia lui: Pochagnole
Games with tremendous potential !
Greenlight games that I'm interested in
Colecţia lui: rdnxl
Greenlight games that I got interested in while reviewing.
Bring back arena shooters
Colecţia lui: segfault
Games with the following need not apply: -regenerating health that makes trading damage useless -low health pools that shorten gunfights -killstreaks -bland interchangeable weapons with no distinct mechanics -slow movement bound by a stamina system ...
Colecţia lui: yadni is ♥ .. シ
help me to get badge
Greenlight Items
Colecţia lui: JoSoFine[SurfingDaKineNine]
A collection to keep track of Greenlight Items.
Colecţia lui: That Guy
All Pc Colection
Colecţia lui: J:)T:)X:)
its all about games (no software). This games of PC : all genere games here
Potential Greats
Colecţia lui: Aries
Games I believe to have a potential impact in the future for gamers. They could even change the way we accept and play games in the future.
Luigi's favorites
Colecţia lui: Luigisopa
Personal favorite gems on Greenlight :D Most of them need more upvotes... TOP 10 Games: A Walk in the Dark Anodyne (Demo included!) Box Life InFlux Incredipede Delver qrth-phyl TowerClimb Snayke Miasmata
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Colecţia lui: gt
Actual good games
Neo's chamber
Colecţia lui: FrozenFlame
A collection of really cool games.
Must Buys
Colecţia lui: LightningZombie
A collection of games I found note worthy.
On Greatest Indie Games
Colecţia lui: TheMasquerader
Gathering all the games featured on the Greatest Indie Games website!
Games I Voted For and Want in my Library of Games!
Colecţia lui: ceissadesiste
These are games that I voted to be Greenlit on Steam. I will buy these games once they are released for purchase. I play various genres of games so there is really no format to this list. These are just games that I really am looking forward to purchasing...
Colecţia lui: DJ Oleg
Все интересные игры.
Best upcoming games on greenlight!
Colecţia lui: Rajunah
If you guys like RPGs, strategy games, Roguelike, platform, hack and slash, ARPGs, oldschool, deep storyline, turn based... You can't miss this collection...check it out probably the best upcoming titles on greenlight. This is of course just my opin...
Colecţia lui: Jared
A collection were cool worlds fight for honor.
Creative Digital Art Voice
Colecţia lui: parax
A personal collection about my taste for some creative works worth a look, something different from conventional games please consider rating these artworks and support the authors if you like! (It's a personal picked up collection for sharing some di...
Center of Dignitaries of Fun
Colecţia lui: cdf121
hello here are the Steam Greenlight games that catch my attention. So yeah that's about it um... why are yo still reading check them out.
June 25th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Colecţia lui: ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on June 25th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in ga...
Grand Chase Ultimate Blade Wielder
Colecţia lui: cuba11_ln
This will the ultimate blade user that uses 4 different blades and with his rage power he can wield awsome power and destroy every single enemy that comes before him or try's to beat him in a battle and his speed is like no other his the fastest person th...
Colecţia lui: Veena
Memoria's Otome Collection.
Colecţia lui: Memoria
Mostly Otome, RPG, adventure games or dating simulators that i am interested in.
The Best 2D/Pixel Art Games I Can Find
Colecţia lui: Ram
The Racing Games Collection
Colecţia lui: Chris
I made a collection with the best racing games (in my opinion) from Greenlight. All of those are great and all the credit goes to the authors of the games, I jsut made the collection. +Like if you did :) It really helps me out. P.S. If you know more...
Steam Greenlight
Colecţia lui: 王様 KING
This is a collection of my personal favorite's from the Steam Greenlight section. I absolutely love Steam Greenlight and fully support it and all of it's indie developers.
Kinologik, IndieDev Manly Cheerleading Services
Colecţia lui: kinologik
I will fight your enemies with my moustache and entertain strangers about your awesomeness while you develop your games (which are, of course, the most ming-blowing, life-altering pieces of gaming art and unadulterated fun this side of Steam).
Indie GreenLight Collective
Colecţia lui: Abatron
Indies helping Indies! This collective is for those Indies willing to help other Indies get noticed, connect, and just enjoy Game Development. To be part of this group, you must be willing to post about other Indie Games besides just your own. So...
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