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Flying Bundle Greenlight Collection
Colecţia lui FlyingBundle
This collection contains the games that appeared in our bundles and the choices of Flying Bundle team. Developers, if you'd like to include your games in our bundles in the future, please contact us at Note: All the games
DigitalEZ Indie Anime Collection
Colecţia lui EviloldE
Colecţia lui /.Z.|-|.0.R.@.\
Mods And Stuff of valve games!
Colecţia lui Dr Hismario123
This has lots of stuff
Astrobase Command
Colecţia lui Jellyfish Games
This is our collection
Games of choice
Colecţia lui ForgottenNoble
Games I think would do well if published on steam
Greenlight Charity Games
Colecţia lui DescX
Games that will donate some proceeds - if not all - to charity. Or free games that raise awareness. No matter what or how much, everything can make a difference! Charity Games Join our group [url=
Classic Adventures Go Green
Colecţia lui NeverwinterMoon
I'm a huge fan of everything (classic) adventure game. Since I played Day of the Tentacle, the adventure genre became my favourite and remains until now. I'm happy to greenlight any decent adventure and eager to see it come to Steam as soon as possible.
Beyond the Pale
Colecţia lui Reedtanguerra
I grew up on old-school adventure games like Myst and Monkey Island and strategy games like Civilization and The Settlers. My rules are simple: it has to be imaginative and require you to think. I can't stand all the derivative, button-mashing rpgs that se
War Thunder
Colecţia lui fahornet18e
Awesome games
我有興趣 I'm interested in 私はに興味がある
Colecţia lui SYD
Cool Looking Games
Colecţia lui Gooby
Colecţia lui Kerem
still alive
Colecţia lui Nex
zoombi surviver horror
Favorite Games
Colecţia lui ErectNarwhal69
A collection of games I want because they're so awesome and they give me interest. :P Feel free to look if you want
Conti's Top Pick
Colecţia lui SgtConti
This is my Collection of the Best Greenlight games I've seen. This collection is aimed at showing you guys, the games that REALLY need to be on Steam.
Psyhological Horror
Colecţia lui ps58
Психологические хорроры
Cyberpunk on Greenlight
Colecţia lui Kase
"...but move a little too swiftly and you'd break the fragile surface tension of the black market; either way, you were gone, with nothing left of you but some vague memory in the mind of a fixture like Ratz, though heart or lungs or kidneys might survive
Pixel games
Colecţia lui RicoWarrior
All the best pixel style games, I love them! Old times....
Rob Remakes Recommends
Colecţia lui Rob-otron 2084
Greenlight projects well worth looking at and keeping a beady eye on. Stuff to keep that voting finger happy for a while, anyway. If nothing else, hopefully you'll find some games here that interest thee regardless of Steam status or not. http://www.
Battle Brothers
Colecţia lui rapsdjff
Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix wherein you lead a band of mercenaries in a medieval fantasy world on the hunt for coin, fame and legendary artifacts. The gameplay is inspired by such classics as X-Com: UFO Defense and Jagged Alliance.
Green Is The Color Of Fear
Colecţia lui Olivia
A collection of as many horror games as I can find on Greenlight. Since it's not exactly easy to search through, it might not be totally comprehensive at first so please let me know if there's anything that needs adding. Also, what about things like 'the h
6DOF games (six degrees of freedom movement)
Colecţia lui Marek Rosa
For everyone who enjoys 6DOF movement, all fans of Descent, Forsaken, Terminal Velocity, etc
Colecţia lui GemmaFox
Trapped in a time loop where you must relive the same night. Explore the mysterious lake house and discover it's dark secrets. But be careful. You are not alone… Overview You have inherited a lake house from your estranged father who disappeared unde
Developed in the Czech Republic
Colecţia lui Eb42
Games developed in the Czech Republic.
Colecţia lui Ríκudöu Hîκó Sēìjurö
The Starship Collection
Colecţia lui DragonK
A great collection of space flight/exploration/futuristic themes with an emphasis on spaceship combat. In my opinion the best of the best.
Made in Spain
Colecţia lui vEK
¡Colección de juegos hechos en España! ;3 Games collection made in Spain!
Kynareth.DE | Greenlight Collection
Colecţia lui DerDoktor
Colecţia lui Hydri
Otome Otome Otomeeee :)
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