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Who's Gaming Now: Greenlight Picks
Colecţia lui: Carlmundo
The top WGN picks will be listed here. If a title gets greenlit then it will be moved to the bottom of the list.
Colecţia lui: CLANNAD
Half-Life Greenlight
Colecţia lui: Enderman
Colecţia lui: RIP Oculus Rift and VR: Fuck FB
Linux games, will support because they support Linux.
The Best Greenlight Games. Ever.
Colecţia lui: OminousWind
I've gone through hours upon hours of searching, and I have found quite possibly the best greenlit games out there.
Love In Silence Colection
Colecţia lui: Love In Silence
Enjoy New Stuff :X
Colecţia lui: yeoldedataspam
Adventure games with an RPG/Character progression
Lost in a strange place
Colecţia lui: IvyisLost
Well it will contain everything from horror to rpg style to anything odd and unique, I like to look at things from everywhere so god knows whats gonna end up here >.>;
Otome Games
Colecţia lui: Ailyn07
Jogos do gênero: Simulação, visual novel e etc
Games Worth Supporting!
Colecţia lui: Sumarliði
This list was made to show the games which set themselves apart from the rest based on a certain degree of : Originality, Quality of Gameplay, Replayablilty, and Graphics.
Greenlight Best Games
Colecţia lui: +_Littez Beez_+
Top games i think are the best and should be rated five. My top games: Legend Of Times(5 stars)(312 votes) No Face(4.8 stars)(494 votes) Duke Nukem:Forest Runaway(4.6 stars)(120 votes)
Стоит внимания
Colecţia lui: UNRANKED
3D First Person Games of Different Kinds
Colecţia lui: vtastek
3D First Person Survivals, RPGs, Puzzles, Simulations, Immersive Sims, Tactical Shooters...
Top game
Colecţia lui: Gamer Box (HUN)
A Era de Ouro dos Indies
Colecţia lui: NickBRCM
Os jogos Indies mais criativos da geração.
Games I Want
Colecţia lui: ☢TheStormProjectUK☢
This is a collectionof games that i want to see suceed in the industry, none of which i have created but am interested in seeing if they are backed well, or could be intergrated into other games to create a whole new experience.
Must Buy
Colecţia lui: Neilog
Greenlight must\may buy list
Colecţia lui: emesto4
Great games that I can't quite figur out how to play.
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