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cool games i want and you should too!!
Colecţia lui: Fryguyscraft
you should look and vote for these awsome games!
Colecţia lui: Battousai
keep walking... collection!
games i whont :P
Colecţia lui: THE FOX
vet inte ser uta att funka endå dom andra ser ju skit dåliga ut :/
Games I Want To See Happen
Colecţia lui: SniberMode ︻デ═-- -
For Me. These Are The Games That Should Happen.
still alive
Colecţia lui: Ракета
zoombi surviver horror
Colecţia lui: Aurora
LastDruid's Greenlight picks.
Colecţia lui: LastDruid
I really hope these games make it onto Steam. I wish all the devs the best of luck.
Colecţia lui: Mrs. Bacon Cheese###
Its interesting because its got a spectagular name "Angel" and its very exsciting to see where all the stuff that you adventure and its very amazing how there are some levels and you have to collect all the items. Its fun to hang with your friends in the ...
Colecţia lui: Jàwhér :)
-99-s Collection of Greenlight Stuff
Colecţia lui: [DVZ] - -99-
My Greenlight
Colecţia lui: [ID] MLeNoSH_KETS2I
Colecţia lui: TipsyTiny
interesting games
Colecţia lui: Steve
Games I want.
blambo wants greenlight!!!
Colecţia lui: Blambo
games that need a greenlight in my opinion.
Colecţia lui: domokun
Colecţia lui: Jawsoflife353
Some games
Psyhological Horror
Colecţia lui: ps58
Психологические хорроры
Best of Greenlight
Colecţia lui: Gelweo
Games that really deserves to be greenlighted :)
Colecţia lui: ulasovskij
Colecţia lui: hameleonmaks
My favorite games.
Survive The Nights
Colecţia lui: NIPCF
Survive the Nights, the best zombie survival game ever.
Platformer da tenere d'occhio
Colecţia lui: darkpeo90
Meglio tenere d'occhio i platformer!!! Oggi rappresentano sempre più spesso una vera sfida per qualunque giocatore. In genere tutti mantengono una difficoltà relativamente elevata :P
Colecţia lui: ™KilLeD♫By♫TrAsH™
The End Crystals
Colecţia lui: ramonmaster :3
моя коллекция
Colecţia lui: Anzorii_55rus
это моя коллекция и интересна мне она
Pro Achivment
Colecţia lui: MonsterCZ
Colecţia lui: Biokon
They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.
Colecţia lui: Blum
Greenlight games I'm looking for. Can be RPG, FPS, Flight simulations, Platformer or anything that caught my eye. Photo: "Green bulb" by Daniel Hathaway Modificatio...
Colecţia lui: lexder
no game life
Colecţia lui: leviatano
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