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Indie Games :D
Colecţia lui 🎃★❄©[🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴]®HunterSLAYER!™🎃★❄
Collection of Indie Games that i've planned to buy(and you should TOO!) if they ever made it on STEAM "Indie Game" collection Avatar/image taken from: "Play Indie" background/banner taken f
Games intersted in.
Colecţia lui Blueice12
Colecţia lui .Hartliss.
GL games that make you get that fuzzy feeling.
Steam Greenlight Fighting Games
Colecţia lui KemetWarlord17
Every fighting game upcoming or greenlit for Steam.
Incredible Ideas
Colecţia lui Qornet
A collection of the most interesting and unusual projects in Greenlight.
Greenlight wishlist
Colecţia lui Ape
greenlight pack v.2
Colecţia lui ֍FoxusHun֍
HU (magyar) Steam Zőld út csomag v.2 Itt találhatjátok meg azokat a játékokat amik nagyobb érdeklődést mutatnak a Steam Zöld úton. Illetve azokat a játékokat is amelyeket a szerkesztőségünk is jónak talált. EN (English) Steam Greenlight pack v.2
Стоит внимания
Colecţia lui ¤¤ PAHAN ¤¤
OREG: Oculus Rift Exploration Games
Colecţia lui AzureanStudios
First Person Exploration Games (FPEGs) that support the Oculus Rift or similar VR technology.
Deserve The Green
Colecţia lui lividlegion
Colecţia lui BaconStrips
Games that have given me great intrest in seeing finished and/or curiousity with their different gaming format.
Colecţia lui ™The Second Emperor Green
WalBao's greenlight collection
Colecţia lui WalBao
Here I keep greenlight games that piqued my interest in one way or another. Horror games, simulations, rpgesque stuff, action and indies, the good stuff in general. Multiplayer / co-op is desireable but not necessary.
Cracky's Collection
Colecţia lui CRACKYCHAN
                   /!   ,. 'ヽ.                  /  -─-'   l.                 / O    O   l              /⌒ヽ l  l―!    /⌒ヽ   HEY MOM CATCH ME!              (    ヽ、 ヽノ    |    l                   `、     `ー- -─|    l、                  ヽ.          
Check Out These Great Titles!
Colecţia lui PlagueofMidgets
These are just some of the amazing games worth voting for on Greenlight.
Worst greenlight games
Colecţia lui Leif
Join us at
Colecţia lui GREK
The Spu's Seal of Approval
Colecţia lui The Spu
A collection of The Spu's favorite greenlight titles!
Colecţia lui ★ Medusa
The CoaguCo Collection
Colecţia lui Gramps
A collection of various games created by CoaguCo Industries, with newer games being added on when they are made public. We will add announcements for each game as they are available and whatever information seems appropriate.
Steam Game Lookouts
Colecţia lui ФSevФ
Finding games on the greenlight market that your trying to get noticed? looks like these games are the ones your looking for.
Now available/or soon to be available for purchase
Colecţia lui joan4003
Greenlight games moved from "What I would buy" collection. The following games are now avaialble or will soon be available for purchase.
the indie and puzzle game collection
Colecţia lui ✪Robot Gaming✪
Awesome Games I Want
Colecţia lui Workster
This is my list of awesome looking games I'm looking forward to.
Greenlight games that need attention!!
Colecţia lui ❅Icy
This is a collection of games sitting on Steam Greenlight needing attention. Check them out and vote them up if you like them!
Worth it!
Colecţia lui HansBanger
8-bit epic
Colecţia lui Gram
8-bit gaming at it's most awesome!
I like it
Colecţia lui Юрий Гагарин
All games, that I've found in the Greenlight.
CJake 'No Trash' Collection
Colecţia lui CJake
Collection for all those who are tired swimming in a pool of garbage. You may like some of these or may not but at least that is not an obvious 'complete trash' that some schoolboy made on its spare time. So here it is. The janitor has cleaned it for you....
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