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Best of Greenlight
Colecţia lui: Songbird
A collection of iconic video games representative of a generation
Colecţia lui: Khayron
Action, turn based, etc, but all RPGs
Games I really wanna see made
Colecţia lui: Zoe2ndRunner
After having a conversation with developers from PAX I am doing everything i can to greenlight anything i find cool, too much work is placed in games to not be reeleased on steam
Sweden Game Arena Collection
Colecţia lui: SwedenGameArena
daft hamza collection
Colecţia lui: Daft Hamza ;-D
moi je crée cette collection pour collecter des choses et les voter.
Enkhbat's best
Colecţia lui: Karma + ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Awesome Games are our future
Colecţia lui: -GEM- Childofdagon
Awesome Games are our future, a personal selection through all cetegories, with a focus on horror/sci-fi, action, shooter, adventure Games. This is our future and i love it. Game on Bro's and Sis's
Value : Survive if you can
Colecţia lui: HellconX®
Das Spiel dreht sich in erster Linie um Dr. Dell der in Wahrheit Dr. Kami heißt. Es gibt keine wahrhaftige Story, Dr. Dell hat außerirdisches Gewebe gefunden. Er hat mit dem Gewebe versucht ein neuartiges Heilmittel zu erschaffen das Gewebe Weise eine ...
A List of games you should upvote
Colecţia lui: parodyself
They're games I think they're awesome! It's just my personal opinion though. I accept advices, and thanks for watching ;)
Batch 2014-12-06 ~ 2014-12-12
Colecţia lui: Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-12-06 to 2014-12-12.
В это стоит поиграть.
Colecţia lui: SerjRaise
Colecţia lui: MegaDeathLightsaber
coleção de merda
Colecţia lui: Tooooomz
no perder de vista
Colecţia lui: Kamaleom
proyectos y conceptos a seguir.
Greenlight Collection
Colecţia lui: {TLM} DojoDog
Greenlight Collection Want List
Random Greenlight Games
Colecţia lui: Ghostini
Random collection of Greenlight games that have piqued my curiosity....
Colecţia lui: {NikeSh}
Тут я буду закидывать ШИЕВРЫ чтобы не потерять их
My Bundles
Colecţia lui: Artemis Herdmann
Games I want On Steam!!
Colecţia lui: Skittlesryumm
Fun Games
Colecţia lui: adam_86
Para mi gusto los mejores juegos.
Games I want
Colecţia lui: swrd484
Games that i would pay to play, simple as that.
"The Night is Darkest, just before the Dawn" Top 10.
Colecţia lui: System of a Dawn
This offers the most impressive, creative and fun space experiences I have either had the pleasure to play or see videos of. Not going to put any garbage in this list. Only the most worthy of titles dealing with a universal appeal with no specific genre "...
Acorns, Games with Potential
Colecţia lui: Xxiled
A collection of perhaps not the best, or most complete games, but those ones with a spark of genius. The ones with potential for greatness that may sadly get overshadowed by the big name games with their fancy graphics and professional presentation!
A list of games that happen to be on Greenlight.
Colecţia lui: InsertCookiesHere
Random list of games that I quite like and want to keep track of, their in no particular order as Valve has yet to hire anyone who knows how to make a UI that works without at least aggravating you every 2.5 seconds so it's too much of an irritant to orde...
Puzzle lovers collection
Colecţia lui: dado.cangemi
For every lover of puzzle game, this collection is my personal selection of what I think are the best indie puzzlers I found on Greenlight. Enjoy :)
Battlezone like games
Colecţia lui: Jevuner
Games inspired by Battlezone series and other FPS/RTS hybrids.
Good Indie
Colecţia lui: Lightonelove
Colecţia lui: Kyousakee
Stuff I'm really looking forward to get my trigger finger on.
Great Indie Games
Colecţia lui: Benirus
Must Have...
Colecţia lui: 3devartist
I need all of these games. I will have them.
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