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Colecţia lui -b u b u ×
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Colecţia lui jolson
Actual good games
Games I Want To See Happen
Colecţia lui SniberMode ︻デ═-- -
For Me. These Are The Games That Should Happen.
Colecţia lui TugLyf
Can't wait for this!
Pax East Indie Highlights
Colecţia lui PhyreMatrix
A few of the indies I got to demo at PAX East this year. A couple of them are promising and have made their way to Greenlight. Check them out and show some love.
Might be Good
Colecţia lui Michael_the_Germanic
Stuff that might be worth scoping out in the near future.
Mejores Juegos del Greenlight.
Colecţia lui Zayrownd
Colecţia lui Arturburtz
The Football (Soccer) Collection
Colecţia lui AussieGold
A collection of games available on Steam Greenlight relating to the World Game!
Colecţia lui XCanG
Коллекция из интересных модификаций, улучшающих игру(-ы).
Science Fiction Gamez
Colecţia lui Lugana707
A collection of science fiction games I found interesting.
Fun Games
Colecţia lui |EG|Buster
Creative Visuals
Colecţia lui Súl Nathair
This collection is games which I think a visually beautiful while still looking to have great gameplay like FTL, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Bastion, etc
Colecţia lui Mozy312
Colecţia lui etcmail
Games a Barbarian would play
Colecţia lui Thrillion
Having our own game going through Greenlight has allowed to see loads of other cool games. So we thought we'd put together a collection of the ones most likely to amuse a Barbarian.
Colecţia lui Anindyo
sin pensar
Colecţia lui PxevolutioN (STEEL) chile
la mejor de la mejor
Colecţia lui Shiro
Test 123
Colecţia lui Jawsoflife353
Some games
Colecţia lui LILY
Colecţia lui † Chee$y Chic †
Its interesting because its got a spectagular name "Angel" and its very exsciting to see where all the stuff that you adventure and its very amazing how there are some levels and you have to collect all the items. Its fun to hang with your friends in the m
Doctor's Bag
Colecţia lui Doctor_Decency
Its sweg
Steam Greenlight
Colecţia lui LoliNation
Steam Greenlight
Juegos que compraria
Colecţia lui yeremy99
Стоит внимания
Colecţia lui ¤¤ PĄHĄN ¤¤
Playable Picks
Colecţia lui Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have some playable form available, whether it's a demo, prototype, open/closed alpha or beta or even a final release that's just not available on Steam... basically anything that you can actually try out now.
Greenlight Games I Will Most Certainly Buy
Colecţia lui TheMadDawg
Just a bunch of games I want to keep track of and will probably buy. They will probably vary in type but most will be picked because they remind me of personal favorites from the past or are something I am truly intuiged by and have never seen.
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Colecţia lui Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Colecţia lui TipsyTiny
interesting games
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