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Heathen Engineering Games
Colecţia lui: Loden DarkStar
Collection of games developed or being developed by Heathen Engineering
Colecţia lui: SLAMOO 972
c'est comme vous voulet pour la colection
Colecţia lui: 1272811754
GreenLight Col.1
Colecţia lui: Zig Zag
Collection of 0zz's favorites
Colecţia lui: Ozzi
My collection of greenlight games I'm looking forward to or already have and recommend to others.
Colecţia lui: bam magera
Interesting Games
Colecţia lui: Dr. Satan
Colecţia lui: [dse]Circlestrafe
Any and all horror themed games from Sci-fi, Zombie, name it, that look like they'll actually deliver on scaring the hell out of you!
Artsy Games
Colecţia lui: [WaDa] Johnny
Here lies a collection of promising games, which have an "artsy" form. This can range anywhere from simply the art in the game to the storyline. FYI the games within are not my own, and are property of their creators.
MR Favorite
Colecţia lui: Makavelli
This collection is about games what I like to see in steam
IndieCade Nominees & Official Selections on Greenlight
Colecţia lui: IndieCade
Collected here aregames that have been featured at one of IndieCade's events throughout the year; games selected as Award Nominees, Digital Selects, Night Games, eSports Showcase Games and featured in the IndieCade E3 Showcase. It includes both games that...
Colecţia lui: wλr - レガリア
Venez pour découvrir une collection regroupant des nombreux jeux indépendants et très intéressants visibles sur GreenLight -- Come to discover a collection regrouping numerous independent games and very interesting visible on GreenLight !
Saucy's List of 'Simulation' Games That He Finds Most Exciting
Colecţia lui: [Real Crumbs] Saucy
These are games I found within 'Simulation' that I am most excited about.
Dr.Alex Great Collection
Colecţia lui: dokartist
Самые любимые игры и не только!
Games +
Colecţia lui: Zen
Decent games are found in GREENLIGHT. Some of them are already available to Steam. Some games are being developed or are in need of the vote. In any case, see and evaluate!
Colecţia lui: Alpaca (Sean)
It's a collection of greenlight items I like.
General favorites
Colecţia lui: R.Daneel
Many years ago I used to read books like, for example, Ernest Thompson Seton's "Lives of Game Animals" to learn about animal behavior. But after a certain point, after living in the woods for a while, I developed an aversion to reading any scientific acco...
Check 'em out!
Colecţia lui: StrikerT
These are all pretty much all the games I've been looking into and want to share.
Colecţia lui: ScaleSkin
Horror & Survival themed games, might or not include elements of resistance, aka fighting back.
Most creative games on Greenlight
Colecţia lui: TheMega
Let's not get creative ever again
Vox Cubi
Colecţia lui: TonyK
A collection of voxel-based games (a technique popularized by Minecraft)
You want them!
Colecţia lui: Atraz
The Chance
Colecţia lui: KAOS
Greenlight games that deserve an opportunity
Colecţia lui: John Oliver
Minha coleção de jogos que recomendo e que gostaria que fossem lançados.
My Greenlight Favourites
Colecţia lui: NoVa
A list of games that I'd like to see released on Steam. Most of them are Platformers (with some exceptions).
My list of games to greenlight
Colecţia lui: bondpat
These games deserve that green light!
Degni di nota
Colecţia lui: hyperionx
Non la rende interessante un cazzo di nulla è solo una stupidissima collezione. I giochi aggiunti stabiliscono se è interessante o meno.
Colecţia lui: =WFC=Henryben
This is a collection of games I would play if I had them. I give no F's if you are interested. -Governor
games i approve of GREATLY
Colecţia lui: EMO_brony666
Colecţia lui: Zorba
Only good games. Каждая игра может зацепить чем-то отдельным: интересный сюжет, креативная задумка, красивая и гармоничная атмосфера игры, необычн...
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