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Greenlight Love
Colecţia lui: Seddi
I have a terrible short-term memory, and often find myself remarking upon games I was rooting for making it, then promptly forgotting in my often hectic day-to-day. This is a list of all the delightful things I've set my sights on and am dying to see come...
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Colecţia lui: Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Scrumptious norwegian games that have to be Greenlit
Colecţia lui: Smooth Dog
For anyone (or any proud norwegian (vikings YEAH!)) that wants to support Norwegian games. There are not a lot of norwegian game developers out there, so support them by greenlighting their games. They poor folks need dosh. That is all, - Smoot...
Horror <3
Colecţia lui: Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3
Colecţia lui: 'ß υ в υ' ♡
Georgian Developers at Steam Greenlight
Colecţia lui: THISain't [GE]
Collection for all the games created by Georgian people.
Check Out These Great Titles!
Colecţia lui: PlagueofMidgets
These are just some of the amazing games worth voting for on Greenlight.
Ylariv's Steam GreenLight Favs
Colecţia lui: RAM-BOO!
Voici les jeux que j'aimerais voir disponible sur Steam!
Great Indie Games
Colecţia lui: Obstel
Great Indie Games
dream games
Colecţia lui: littlefatcat
games i dream of
Greenlight BANGERS
Colecţia lui: Pudge
A collection of the greatest hits Greenlight has to offer.
Colecţia lui: ekbmrb
A bunch of shmups on Greenlight. Image is Shmup Ship by ~Ayjun-invayjun on deviantART.
Awesome Games I Want
Colecţia lui: Workster
This is my list of awesome looking games I'm looking forward to.
Colecţia lui: DOM PYSOHUNTER87678
OREG: Oculus Rift Exploration Games
Colecţia lui: Connor Arbiter
First Person Exploration Games (FPEGs) that support the Oculus Rift or similar VR technology.
FPPG: First Person Puzzle Games
Colecţia lui: Connor Arbiter
A Collection of First Person Exploration Games that are more specifically First Person Puzzle Games. It could be argued that puzzling games might be seperate from exploration games, rather than categorized within them, but due to the nature of puzzles bei...
My Greenlight Votes
Colecţia lui: ๖ۣۜR3BORN
These are my most looked forward to Greenlight games. Never hurts to support indie developers I say!
more like
Colecţia lui: MDΞ-EGY <::::::::[}xxo ヅ
i love u
Want Games
Colecţia lui: kelric6
Games I would like to own someday!
KAZ Collection
Colecţia lui: KAZ_GAME3R
تجميعاتي من ستيم's Post-apocalyptic Greenlight Picks
Colecţia lui: Virgil Amenra *love* PaulaGiger
For all Fallout/Borderlands/Fallen Earth fans built bundle by: We hope for your upvotes!
CJake 'No Trash' Collection
Colecţia lui: CJake
Collection for all those who are tired swimming in a pool of garbage. You may like some of these or may not but at least that is not an obvious 'complete trash' that some schoolboy made on its spare time. So here it is. The janitor has cleaned it for you....
Greenlight Spotlight |
Colecţia lui: GN-Lelldorianx
These are games that have been featured on the Greenlight Spotlight YouTube series, a series dedicated to bringing the most interesting Steam Greenlight games to your attention.
Local Coop: Play with your friends, with your friends!
Colecţia lui: rektide
The best games are ones you can play with a bunch of people crammed around a monitor! Drop in, drop out, hand off the controller: leave the game open and let it be an ambient distraction for those around, games are about little worlds to peek into, and th...
Indie Bundle
Colecţia lui: huw12313212
indie games I like.
Colecţia lui: markis.landry
I like it
Colecţia lui: Кто-то
All games, that I've found in the Greenlight.
8-bit epic
Colecţia lui: Gram
8-bit gaming at it's most awesome!
my greenlight collection
Colecţia lui: gutsugutsu
Colecţia lui: adude0
Games that im putting here
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