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Five Nights at Freddy's
Coleção por: efecankaya56
Five nights at Freddy's 1,2,and 3
Coleção por: gmodfan
This is fnaf 1 2and 3
Good Greenlights
Coleção por: Cjordan
Some really good green lights that could use some support!
Coleção por: randyc71
Greenlight Spotlight
Coleção por: INSTINCT
A collection of indie games with lots of potential that need your votes to be greenlight. Feel free to comment below with suggestions of games that you believe need the votes of the community.
Games That Need To Be GreenLit
Coleção por: Lightning Laser
Great games that need to be on the Greenlit and look awesome
The Best Games ~~> BR <~~
Coleção por: Yan "Exloooks" Moura
Space Battle
Coleção por: ShadowSith
Trying to achieve that ST-BOTF feeling of power .
Hardcore Games
Coleção por: MuXxXer[ARG]
Hardcore games, that games very hard, where you get one hit and you'll die, or games very realistic and hardest- This are games for crazy people and true gamers that love difficulty. ENJOY!
Coleção por: ItsFlippyFlop
Five Nights At Freddy's Colection
Coleção por: nun sei
Coleção de Todos os Jogos Fodas da Série Five Nights At Freddy's
The Future
Coleção por: Shadow'Virt
It Is My Choice !!!
Coleção por: ♔ Big King ♔
All Good Survival Games
Creep!Speak Episodes
Coleção por: Fear the pig hybrids!
Welcome to Creep!Speak, a monthly anthology series inspired by the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Vote or die.
Developers Worth Supporting
Coleção por: 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξrร
Developers who are worth supporting.
Games with Dinosaurs
Coleção por: HGrunt™ -Installing Skyrim Mods
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
Coleção por: ☜R☞
Must have games
Best Sims
Coleção por: CreativoLife
The Best Sims !
Favorite Greenlight Games (Upcoming, Etc...)
Coleção por: KrypTo 3000
my favorite indie games here on greenlight that i wanted to put together in a collection to make it easier for my friends and others to find the ones that i like easier credit for these cool and/or neat games go to their respective creators/developers....
Red Box
Coleção por: Chris
This colection is about 8 games that I love and I wish to be on steam
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
Coleção por: Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
The Horror Games Group!
Coleção por: xanderdotexe
Promising Linux Greenlight Games
Coleção por: Brian [Linux]
Greenlight Jewels
Coleção por: Talana
Favoured Greenlight Games . I used the beautiful art of Elena Dudina as backgrounds . You can find her Deviant Art address under "View More Info" at the top of my profile .
Local Multiplayer on Greenlight
Coleção por: Gigatross Games
Local multiplayer on PC is stronger than ever! Here are a bunch of games with dreams of keeping screen-crowding shenanigans alive and you really ought to check 'em out. Games to really play. HONEST TRUTH: Grand Class Melee 2 is ours. No foolin', it's a...
Linux Games Collection
Coleção por: Cokai
This collection lists games of Greenlight that are a) not for sale on steam yet and b) have been updated within the last 12 month at least and not marked as dead yet and c) not totally crap (crap means either it has only very bad comments or a bad g...
A few good games
Coleção por: Gleap
a few games that look good
Delightful Machinations
Coleção por: Crestfallen_Rose
This is a collection that focuses on games that look fun, thought-provoking and anything but ordinary. Looking for a new thrill? Need a puzzle to unwind the mind? Or are you more of the adventurous type? If you're tired of the bland and looking for ...
proudlarry digs through obscura
Coleção por: proudlarry
A list of games roting in obscurity while "fantastic titles" like Grand Theft Pizza Delivery have somehow been greenlit. This includes games with unfairly assigned low-scores, games with terrible branding images/ posted artwork that have potential, gam...
Games to Get Greenlit
Coleção por: Nonadecimal
A collection of works from friendly devs with games you need to play.
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