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Coleção por JPSTweaker
Worthy Gems
Coleção por Keytone
Worthy games with a combination of quality, presentation, game features, and style.
PrizmaxStudios Concepts
Coleção por PrixmaxStudios
Welcome to Prizmax Studios concepts colection. This collection Is for all the game concepts we have a PrizmaxStudios. Please be sure to check them out and support them if they look cool. Also please give me alot of feedback, you can just add me as a fri
Retro Games
Coleção por B055Mu51C
Hovac One YouTuber Great Games Must Play NOW!!!
Coleção por hovac
These games in this collection I would love to play them ASAP and upload my gameplay to my YouTube channel will give my channel a type of uniqueness that a lot of viewers and gamers would love to see me play ...See My Youtube gaming channel and u wil
Profecias do Felix
Coleção por Felix
Jogos que trarão inovações ao mundo dos games.
Coleção por DerekGamer
Mojiva Recomenda
Coleção por JVCaires
Lista de Recomendações da Mojiva Records, com atualizações frequentes e valorizando os jogos produzidos no Brasil. Recomendation List from Mojiva Records, with frequent updates and valorizing the indie brazilian games.
Greenlit MMOs
Coleção por Jaedia
Stunning Greenlight games
Coleção por Nophex
These are the Greenlight greats. Stunning Gameplay,Visuals, deep focus on symolism or aesthetically grand. This collection contains what I define as works of art
Coleção por jmpjz2244
Coleção por Toxymiester
Coleção por SuperLink15
Creator studio
wanna play
Coleção por AngryKarl
IndiGo Greenlight Collective
Coleção por [DGS] |TBB| ⎝Riley2142⎠
This is the place for all the games created by our developers!
Free To Play Games (ESP)
Coleção por [SEXY/LMC] FG - TheCrazyVagrant
Fighting games
Coleção por Nonstop Xrd
Coleção por ABlindPoet
Coleção por georgem31
Experiencing different and varied game worlds where decisions matter!
Yopoman's Greenlight Games
Coleção por Yopoman
Indie Greenlight Games I've Voted For and Enjoyed!
Greenlight Collection (I don't own any of these games)
Coleção por Lσяɗ Mαтт
Games that have been requested to be in my old Steam Greenlight collection on my old profile.
Games I Am Stalking
Coleção por LilMsScareAll
These are games that I feel I absolutely cannot live without, and will campaign for, stalk, and generally drool over until they release on Steam.
Coleção por Warabei
Craft games
sci junky
Coleção por Maniacle
My collection is for those of us that love science fiction this is where i am listing some of the games that i most look foward to enjoying hope everyone likes
Coleção por PietroCap
Collection di giochi interessanti
Benim Beğendiklerim
Coleção por _Ogulcan_Sumer_
Coleção por timetravel_5
These are the games that pass my biased judgement.
2D Side Scrolling Beat-em-ups
Coleção por fug4life
Rage against the machine! A collection of my favourite 2D Side Scrolling Beat-em-ups that are out there trying to make it on steam!
Games I realy want!!
Coleção por WOLF
Games I can't wait for!!!
Coleção por Purple
So this is just a ton of awesome games i found on greenlight!
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