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The Supreme Paramount
Coleção por: Mars
This is a collection of games which I personally feel have managed to present themselves properly, showcasing actual innovation and interesting games. They are the games which makes me think "I would definitely pay money to play this game, no matter what!...
Things I like
Coleção por: Melty
Ohai there. Anyways this is a few of the games I like :D
Nice free games
Coleção por: 25c
These are FREE games that I thought were awesome!
This1Noob's Collection
Coleção por: This1Noob
Awesome Game Collection!!
Coleção por: GTORules
This Collection is Awesome! These Game Should So be In Steam!
Castle of action
Coleção por: caztle501
A collection for action games that you must approve
Anime/Cartoon Games
Coleção por: SBBen0o
While looking around Greenlight, I noticed I liked a lot of the games with an anime and cartoon art style so I put it in a collection.
TKO Games
Coleção por: toon the dude
This collection mainly features MMORPG, and are very fun to play. These games make you want to play them over and over again until you beat the game or achieve the max level.
Coleção por: Jake
Mama's B Picks
Coleção por: xBiri
Free to Play / Freemium
Coleção por: Mitsuho
Don't want to spend a lot of money having fun? My recommendation for games that don't require too much capital to get started with.
Coleção por: MultiBlack099
Manga any everything about it
Coleção por: Hartseer
Good Games
Coleção por: DeadVZero
These are actual entertaining games.
Coleção por: jdl_profesional
Mis Juegos
Coleção por: HeroGaol
Mis Juegos Favoritos
Coleção por: Smokey McBongwater
Just games
Keyboard Arcade Games
Coleção por: Rayree
Games that are very heavily keyboard based. Most will have an Arcade like style that is familar to some. I will update as I find more. Needs to be F2P, and have some RPG elements I guess.
Games that I love to play
Coleção por: starmaster337
These are the games that you will never get bored of playing xD.
My Lovely Online Games
Coleção por: alikh_70
Best One's.
Collection They Said
Coleção por: KiraGC
random games that i tried lol
The Awesome game list
Coleção por: Intrigeris
It's just that awesome.
hazerddex aproved
Coleção por: Hazerddex
stuff that i like and think should be on steam by default
My games
Coleção por: mura2187
All the games that I play
Awesome Games!
Coleção por: eclipse88x
ChestPiece's Stuff
Coleção por: VanLocke
Stuff I like.
Coleção por: zznero
The Artifact
Coleção por: Lydyn
A place detailing my top gaming list. Enjoy!
ChestPiece's Stuff
Coleção por: VanLocke
Coleção por: 55daddy/DeathOcty
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