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Half Life Mod
Coleção por ERICs753
Half Life Best Modifications
Five Nights At Freddy's Colection
Coleção por Ah Mizeravi
Coleção de Todos os Jogos Fodas da Série Five Nights At Freddy's
Made in Argentina
Coleção por Saibot Studios
Games that are being developed in the country of the "asado": Argentina ;) Make us know if there is another game in Greenlight that belongs to this collection. Juegos creados en el país del mejor asado, Argentina ;) Avisanos si conoces algún otro j...
Half-Life Legitimate Production
Coleção por T[!]TAN
The updated Half-Life 1, and we'll see about 3.
Sci-Fi Space Games
Coleção por Dan Rhodenizer
Any genre, these are the best and some of the most unique Sci-Fi Space Games on Steam Greenlight! A mixture of promising upcoming games, already released games or even a game that might still have a ways to go. We give any game a chance, if you think your...
Games inspired by or similar to Minecraft
Coleção por Bizarro Jesus
Mostly 3D sandbox games that are inspired by Minecraft or have similar mechanics.
Coleção por Sfen
Another one
The Best of Greenlight (RPG oriented)
Coleção por Astrifer
A work in progress for the hardcore gamer. -- Total Games in Collection: 16 + Notable Mentions. -- Last update: 1/9/13. -- Description: Games that are intuitive, fun, with deep gameplay, easy to use interface, high replayability, multiplayer suppor...
Black Mesa
Coleção por Patio
Black Mesa! \o/ An absolutely wonderful game, I can't wait for the release of 'Xen'.
Day1: Garry's Incident(Steam keys)
Coleção por Oliver
Welcome to our collection!!! Here you can get Day1 Steam activation keys. ---Giveaways--- We'll post a Day1 key when reachig milestones. The first milestones are: 100, 200, 500 views. ---Activation--- Activation is on Steam. Find 'Games'--> 'Acti...
Coleção por Umbrella Corporation
cool games i want and you should too!!
Coleção por Mr.Potassium
you should look and vote for these awsome games!
Racing Simulators
Coleção por M1Combat \iR/
I'm going to add proper racing simulators to this collection. You won't find "games" here.
It's Adventure Time
Coleção por Mr Delabee
A guide to adventure games trying to get onto Steam via Steam Greenlight. Let adventure games take you on that adventure of a lifetime. It's Adventure Time!
Old School Games
Coleção por MetalMuxxer
Do you miss the old games? Those you played when you were a child? Well, with this collection you will return to the past and will have nostalgia, this collection is solely dedicated to the retro style games that are on Steam Greenlight for votes and o...
Games that should become real
Coleção por Retro Bliss
These games should just make it
Female Protagonist
Coleção por CUD
A collection of games on Greenlight with playable female characters.
Coleção por TEZ|TetleyTea|MoistThrust
Coleção por Ernie
Roguelikes and roguelike-likes
Hidden Object Games on Greenlight
Coleção por Chudah
Collection of Hidden Object Games currently on Greenlight compiled by Hidden Object Gamers (HOGGroup).
Top (Best) Games on Greenlight: By Developers & The People
Coleção por Guy With Cats On His Face
This Collection has the best games on greenlight and made buy game Reviewers and game developers. most of the games we post might be Co-Op/MP we like haveing the freedome to play the games you love with your friends not all the games we post will be Co-...
I want to play!
Coleção por Synyster
SteamOS/Linux Potential
Coleção por psymin
These games might get SteamOS/Linux support in the future but don't have it listed currently as an OS. They've mentioned potential linux support with a kickstarter goal, developer comment or similar. Upvote them and comment on their pages with your ...
Insane Horror
Coleção por BDKaos
These are horror games that I and many others would like to play or see more of. I NEED to play games like this.
Coleção por Fester Adams
Você nunca esquecerá do seu primeiro dragão.
Plant vs. Zombie
Coleção por Bill Cipher
This Collection is About Plant vs. Zombie.Please Add This Collection To Your Collection.Thank you!
Unreal Engine 4
Coleção por peeka
A collection of games make with the Unreal Engine 4
Support these games!
Coleção por ƒlåpjâçK
With so many great games being added to Greenlight it can be difficult to pick out the games that deserve the most support. My goal for this collection is to find some of the best and/or unique games that have caught my eye. Take a look at some of the tit...
Coleção por TomFulp
Games from prominent devs in the community!
Procedurally generated games
Coleção por class101
This collection includes all the procedurally generated games present in Greenlight. At the creation 1600 titles were reviewed and 170 procedurally generated titles were identified. The list receives regular updates. There are many of these titles in...
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