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Ov3RT4K3R's Favorites
Coleção por Ov3RT4K3R
Besides of all stuff which came through the Greenlight process here are some examples where I think it was a good decision to get it on the Steam Store.
Half-Life Themed Mods / Games
Coleção por QuickNinjaCat
This is a collection of games (or mods) that are relating to the Half-Life series. Collection image (above) is by DPFilms.
Cat ^_^
Coleção por Mr. Cat *_*
Coleção por Anta baka?
Car games
Coleção por Join42
my collection be based on car games and its special because everyone who loves cars can check car games from my collection
its cool
Coleção por Pandapai NEW PC XD
ye boy
Lasse Niermann - Best Greenlight
Coleção por Lasse
Coleção por ragnarok2055
New Greenlight Gems to look out! This is for Titles yet to come, as well for Titles who have been already released, but are not yet in my Steam Collection.
Epic Games
Coleção por Cookie
These are the games that I specifically want, and the ones I think are cool enough to make my list ;)
Coleção por RackerH897
YES Greenlight's!
Coleção por Princess Party
Stuff that i wish to be greenlighted and put on steam.
Coleção por Condizion
GMod Coonlection
Coleção por JustJaySama
Gmod Collection
Coleção por light_alex
Space Universe
Coleção por Raijin [雷神]
This collection belongs to the project Space Universe! The game is interesting and I assure you that if you are going to vote for it, you can feel the full force of the genre of "Survival"! Votes please!
Coleção por WILLIAM
Belos jogos
Greenlight Upvote !
Coleção por medamine_dghim
Consider to support Raid On Coasts please !
The Green Mile
Coleção por steve-o
Are you serious?
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