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Free+Achievements from GL
Kolekcja stworzona przez: kmyc89
Free/F2P games, who get GL and have Achievements. Double win.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Parasyte
The Best Games ~~> BR <~~
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Yan "Exloooks" Moura
Golden McNuggets
Kolekcja stworzona przez: lokwas
I'm going to start digging through the garbage bin again and find the golden nuggets before Greenlight ceases to exist. Not all of these are great, some brown nuggets got through. I'll clean out the collection after I find another 20 good ones.
Vote for 10 Games Please
Kolekcja stworzona przez: DinoBatt
Vote for 7 games please ! GREENLIT: Dispatcher The Cursed Forest Archaic Ultraworld Feral Empyrion - Galactic Survival Alyssa - First Person Survival Horror Hollow Knight Ashen Rift Rolling Sun One Late Night: Deadline Waking the Glares De...
KUHRAAZY Action Games Collection!!!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: General Krukov
This collection is dedicated for action games that feature blood-pumping, crazy action combat! Please put a message below if there's any missing KUHRAAZY game on this list.
Strategy for Mac
Kolekcja stworzona przez: mcluhan
Strategy games that will work on Mac OS X. Photos used by Bruno Cordioli & Titanas (CC)
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Starglider
Games featuring birds as playable characters.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Rodd
Horror love
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Modesto Perera
Best horror games :3 . Slender series Paranorma, pretty much any scary game
Greenlight First Person Exploration
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Actualpeople are the future.
First person perspective, exploration focused games on Greenlight. More info on the genre here:
awkwin's Greenlight Pick
Kolekcja stworzona przez: awkwin
No that kind of "retro". No RPG Maker. I was disappointed by most collections. Mine is for only best of the best games.
Too Awesome.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: vivid-transparency
Just the beginning of a long legacy.
Пробуем, жуём
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Canty-GO
vote for Cylne now please
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Mr.Potassium
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Liam
Best 2D RPGs on Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: MisteriosM
I love 2D RPGs If you share this passion this collection is for you :D
그린라이트 한국어 지원 게임
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ireneclemance
그린라이트 등록 게임 중 한국어 지원 게임 모음.
JBC's Trivial Collection of High Quality Games.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Jibece and his companion cube
(EN) Ok guys, this collection has been remaked, here's the guidelines: - This collection show the Greenlight projects I really want to see on Steam, who means I'll not include a game good enough to be on Steam but not enough good to get my heart <3 - I...
Greenlight Projects Better Than La-Mulana (Well in my opinion anyway)
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Resolute
*** UPDATED - I have now moved those game on this list that have been Greenlit to the top. Both parts of the list are more or less in alphabetical order. *** This list was created out of having to listern to people complain about why was game X greenli...
Five Games Your Face Might Like
Kolekcja stworzona przez: TonyDanza
Five great single-player and/or co-op games that we feel stand out as unique. - No MMO, F2P, Sports, or Simulation games. - 1000 bonus points* for story. *Bonus points can be redeemed for tingly feelings inside your brain.
White Paper Games top 15 Green Light Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Benjamin_Hill
A collection of the top 15 Green Light games that we at White Paper Games think are worth your vote! All the developers who are responsible for these titles have been working incredibly hard on these games and we think the content they are creating is ...
Kolekcja stworzona przez: lukem87
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Alenoxu
Games em espera
DivineClaw Favorite Greenlight Items
Kolekcja stworzona przez: RiivaL GANTENG
I love Simulator Games,Role Play Game, and First Person Shooter. So,here is some what i Supported Games on Greenlight that queued to Released on Steam Store,hopefully you can find Some Interest Game from my list :D
Greenlight Items
Kolekcja stworzona przez: 4UA[SmileyFace]
A collection to keep track of Greenlight Items.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: PSyGoTƦoN ★
Games, die cool abgehen und spass machen :-))
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Marco Ercoles
Kova's crème de la crème
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Kovaelin
/|/|y personal picks of the best games that deserve more coverage than they currently have, based on encounters with news articles over time.'s Greenlight Picks
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ArchKali
Based on reviews and previews at IGR, here are our best bets for Steam's curent Greenlight offering. Visit or our sister site to search for reviews on many of the games currently listed in this collection an...
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