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Survive The Nights
Kolekcja stworzona przez: NIPCF
Survive the Nights, the best zombie survival game ever.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Alas Negras
Midnart's Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Midnart
Games by Midnart
Indie Gem
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Foeh
It's a collection of indie games worth of remembering once they are available in the future.
Mindez's Greenlight Picks
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Mindez
I'm a Let's Player on Youtube and these are the games I'd most like to see on Greenlight come to Steam!
Best of Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Songbird
A collection of iconic video games representative of a generation
Luna Shattered Hearts - Omnibus
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Gillis
Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1 is currently up on Greenlight. If you like platform RPG that puts you up against challenging enemys and offers a deep story then this series will be for you! Please help us right now by voting this up! The game will...
Lloyd's Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Lloyd13z
Kolekcja stworzona przez: [ITA]The Doctor stickman
all useless/troll simulator
Kolekcja stworzona przez: iamcreasy
My pick within Greenlight
Psyhological Horror
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ps58
Психологические хорроры
Just Publish It Already
Kolekcja stworzona przez: {GFL}SentFromGame
This is for me to share what I want ON steam, immediately!
BlackBurnova kolekce mega super SWAG růžových her!!!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: BlackBurn_69
Best Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: jack.son597
Toucanleap's Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Toucanleap
Hi, I play games, I like games, I'm thinking of making games. I've just complied a list of games that I like, and that I think you should take a look at. Everything here may not be your favourite, but I'm sure there will be something, right? Tou...
My Game
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Mimeri
Catbvan's Favourites
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Catbvan
Just my favourite greenlight submits yo <3
Kolekcja stworzona przez: D1gital Reaper
This is the collection of all the games that are Greenlit, Aka Approved!
Lista de Jogos Interessantes
Kolekcja stworzona przez: X_PLAY
Jogos Interessantes
July 11th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on July 11th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in ga...
Games intersted in.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: B1ueice12
Greenlight Games I Will Most Certainly Buy
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Mad Dawg 2020
Just a bunch of games I want to keep track of and will probably buy. They will probably vary in type but most will be picked because they remind me of personal favorites from the past or are something I am truly intuiged by and have never seen.
Mes Favoris !
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Prince William
Juste les jeux du Greenlight que j'adorerais voir sur Steam !
On Greatest Indie Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: TheMasquerader
Gathering all the games featured on the Greatest Indie Games website!
CJake 'No Trash' Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: CJake
Collection for all those who are tired swimming in a pool of garbage. You may like some of these or may not but at least that is not an obvious 'complete trash' that some schoolboy made on its spare time. So here it is. The janitor has cleaned it for you....
Warning: Games could cause explosions, Watch out!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: SuperSho
Watch out these games are soo cool, they might make your monitor explode! I suggest getting a back up monitor. Or go play at your friends house, what ever works. Definatly check these games out, it's worth your time (just be carefull of cumbustion).
Greenlight Bananza
Kolekcja stworzona przez: 90sVibe
My collection consists of alot of old school games and new games
the small collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: sebablixa
the pack of epic games that will be a pack of good games
Happy GrennLight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ZiliottoMK
Games I Voted For and Want in my Library of Games!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ceissadesiste
These are games that I voted to be Greenlit on Steam. I will buy these games once they are released for purchase. I play various genres of games so there is really no format to this list. These are just games that I really am looking forward to purchasing...
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