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New York Indie Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: KBlaney
New York City and the surrounding areas have a lively game development scene, especially a number of independently owned studios. If you are from the Big Apple or simply want to see what comes out of a city when it doesn't sleep, check out the games in th...
The Greats (May 2014)
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Unknown_Kadath
A collection of great greenlight games i think deserve support in making it onto steam. I own none of this content, these games are the products of their individual developers. This list will be updated sometime in the near future. Be sure to favorite thi...
mxtomek's The Best Of The Best
Kolekcja stworzona przez: mxT3 (mxtomek)
Those games still need your help! Click and VOTE for them. I present the "Easy way" to find the most promisable games in Steam Greenlight :) Most of this games U can play it right now. Some are on Desura platform , some are in demo version on the of...
Winter Wolves Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Joker-kun890
A collection of Winter Wolves games on Greenlight. There is currently a bundle running for some of these games until 09/20.
Top Free to Play Games on Steam Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: JOJO
Top Free to Play Games on Steam Greenlight. mOre! :)
upvoting and favouriting: the legend
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Moo҉m͜ins̀ummer ̴Mad͘ness̛
These are just games I've upvoted and favourited on Greenlight so far, I'd like to do my bit in getting 'em some exposure! I am a humble man with a humble goal Polite request: please don't message me requesting an addition. I will not read it.
Gorgeous Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Dahmok
This is a collection of Indie games that I personally think are visually gorgeous. They don’t need to have the most advanced graphic engines or the most snazzy eye candy. These are games that are artistically and conceptually beautiful even if they are ...
Space Game Junkie's Recommended Space Game Greenlight List
Kolekcja stworzona przez: BrianRubin
My name is Brian Rubin, and I'm something of a space game expert, I'd like to think. My site, Space Game Junkie ( is dedicated to supporting old and new, indie and AAA computer space games, and the purpose of this list is to...
Kolekcja stworzona przez: deiwel26
Linux Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: FuzeTheFerret
Linux games i would want to promote
Tactics Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: KevODoom
Turn-based tactics and strategy games.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: enGine
Voxel games on steam
Kolekcja stworzona przez: [CW] Ninjaneer (IronWolf234)
These games let you build and destroy like Minecraft. These games show promise in continuing the development of voxel based games.
Regis's Greenlight Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: GeneralRegis
These are Greenlight games that have been approved for Steam and I would like them to be released. Not many on this list has been released and need more attention or fundings to be completed or are being finished. There are also games on here that are a...
Pinkamena Diana Pie Corporation
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Pinkamena Diana Pie [KGE2]
Kolekcja stworzona przez: JAWHER
Steam Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: 王様 KING
This is a collection of my personal favorite's from the Steam Greenlight section. I absolutely love Steam Greenlight and fully support it and all of it's indie developers.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: asianspiceitup
Sandbox like Minecraft.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: †Devil May Cry†
Greenlight™ Must Have!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: [CPC] NoVaCoRpS
Some Slightly Deranged Picks
Kolekcja stworzona przez: AgustinCordes
My personal picks of games I'd like to see on Steam. Extremely eclectic list because I can love an innocent casual game just as much as the most punishing arcade on Earth. Do you think your game belongs on this list? Leave a comment and let me know! I pre...
stuff i love
Kolekcja stworzona przez: HapiJتic|Ξ.
Anything Half-life or Counter-strike related, and anything else I love
Top 10 Shoot'em Up Games on Greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Sam
Sam's top 10 selection of strictly traditional horizontal and vertical scrolling Shoot'em Up games on Greenlight. Arena shooters are not qualified for this list.
Linux Picks
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have a linux version planned/released. Go Linux!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Silver Dragon
To Be Released
EpicBundle Steam Greenlight Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: EpicBundle
Interesting Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Hck3r
My list of games that have my attention
Kolekcja stworzona przez: p h a n t o m Fractal
The Green Spotlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: waoh
Welcome to the Green Spotlight The Green Spotlight sifts through the good and the great games to find the best standout titles that deserve your attention. Leave your own comments of what you think of the picks, and contribute ideas and suggestions ...
Kolekcja stworzona przez: RavageMKZ
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