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Kolekcja stworzona przez: TheWind
Light that has a cool look to it.
Puzzler collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Monukai
Collection of First and Third person puzzle games (this is a means for me to test out this collection thingy-ma-jig)
Bl4ckSh33p-Soft Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Bl4ckSh33p
Indie Games from Bl4ckSh33p-Soft.
Ludum Dare & Friends!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: shinD
Games originating from the Ludum Dare 48h game making compo! Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Jaydepps
These are just some of the great indie games that the team over at Indie Game HQ believe deserve any and all support through the Steam Greenlight process.
greenlight collection 01
Kolekcja stworzona przez: acka
Eversim Simulaton & Serious Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: [BE] BlackMoues
Rulers of Nations Masters of The World The Race for the White House Official website: EverSim : Simulation and Serious Games...
Moe~ Moe~ Kyun!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Shinobu
Point & Click adventure games awaiting greenlight
Kolekcja stworzona przez: xlynx
A constantly updated collection of Adventure Games to vote for, focusing on 3rd person 2D point & clicks. I remove games as they're greenlit. For a full listing of Greenlight adventures, regardless of their greenlit or even Steam release status: http:...
Real Life Simualtions
Kolekcja stworzona przez: GunMod
Simulations/mods that simulate real life, physics or behaviour. For those who want there games to be as real as possible, here is my selection of those games or mods that do so.
Indiefort Championship Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Donpeste
These are the games from that you can vote in Steam Greenlight!
Sir Eyeballs Favourites
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Sir Eyeball
This is the collection of my favourites to go on Steam. I hope that you would help me getting them there by upvoting Them. Thumbs up from me. I will update as more games catch my Eye or when the games get Greenlighted. -New- It now also consists of concep...
Dahn's Recommended Collection
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Dahn
This is just a listing of the games that I think are interesting and worth a look on greenlight at the moment.
King Toko's Best of The Best
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best collection highlights the games that I feel should be liked. I will be adding more Steamlight games to the collection as they become available. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if for you? Go to http:...
Puzzle Games
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Keys
A collection of puzzle games, because believe it or not there is no Puzzle Genre on Greenlight. If anyone believes they have a game that fits into this collection please email me at and I will add it for you.
Indie RPGs - Hidden Gems
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Aldorlea Games
Indie RPGs that are not so well known, yet delivers in terms of content and production values. Explore misty woods, creepy dungeons or eerie caves... Fan of the genre, check them out, you won't be disappointed!
Space Anomaly
Kolekcja stworzona przez: SpaceAnomaly
Games i want to make it
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Zaraki snakenoman
greenlight games that have a awesome chance to come to steam i dont mind buying
Co-Optional Wishlist :D
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Rick Grimes
Just some games I want, some if Co-Op id like to play with peebles, although lots of these are singleplayer. :(
The games i would play on steam
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Mario-KFC
just a collection with the games i would like on my steam xd
Hell IX
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Retromade Games
Vote for this classic remake based on Desert Strike, TIger Heli, Seek & Destroy or Gunship. If you like action arcade helicopter game you will love this one. Three camera modes, 3rd Person, Classic Isometric and First Person. Rescue Marine, destroy enemie...
Gunz 2
Kolekcja stworzona przez: rafaelarrais
Gunz 2
Polskie GRY na STEAMA
Kolekcja stworzona przez: jan12jan12jan
Pomóżmy polskim produkcjom dostać się na STEAMA
Games I Voted For and Want in my Library of Games!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: ceissadesiste
These are games that I voted to be Greenlit on Steam. I will buy these games once they are released for purchase. I play various genres of games so there is really no format to this list. These are just games that I really am looking forward to purchasing...
Awsome Collection Of Awsomness
Kolekcja stworzona przez: Panda Hero
This is a collection of nice games.
Kolekcja stworzona przez: grizzLY @ HardRun
Adventures In Text!
Kolekcja stworzona przez: IcyDeadPeople
This is a collection of Greenlight projects which make use of the greatest graphics engine of all: your imagination! Support these interesting games and rate them up, whether you like them for reasons of nostalgia, the economics (many of these will be ...
Collector's Edition
Kolekcja stworzona przez: JFK was AFK
It is my collection..that is what makes it special.
Arcade air/space shooters
Kolekcja stworzona przez: White Spirit
Kolekcja stworzona przez: voladorx
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