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Samling av [DDHQ]EvolSniper
all about horror
Samling av Pr0ziNho
Só dlç ^^
The BEST RPGs on Greenlight
Samling av Unit9 Apps
This collection will look to collate all the best RPG games on Steam Greenlight
future games i want
Samling av (PRO3211)riders3211
Samling av =DRK= Lord Ponto
For games
Juegos Linux
Samling av JoZ3.69
Juegos con puerto para linux
oh sweeeet!
Samling av [deevice]
weird and cool
My Favorite Greenlights
Samling av Chad Human Goat Anarcho-Furry
My Favorite Greenlights game to play.
Samling av nochnoikoshmar1
Gibe de gayums b0ss
Samling av Kevington
here's some shit I want to have
Tanna's Seal of Approval
Samling av itchymatsu
These games receive the Seal of Approval from lil' ol me, based on how cool I think it looks.
Hidden Treasures
Samling av Demon_Dice
For games that are on the weird side but have a lot of promise for fun. These are for games that look like they’ll be overlooked at a first glance.
shadowbow7458 Awaiting release games
Samling av shadowbow7458
Please vote these games
worthwhile games
Samling av meline123
free games that you should play and support
Moje Love! <3
Samling av peTHunter69
Magic Monsters Swords and...... Guns!!!!
Samling av Crabbycliff
Magic Monsters Swords and Guns
Your Greatest Adventure
Samling av ultranick9
All of the Your Greatest Adventure games (Only one right now. Hoping to make more)
The Gwathdring Seal of Approval
Samling av Gwathdring
Things I've greenlit. I'm supposed to tell you why it's interesting. Well, you're here out of dumb luck or because you think I'm cool--you're definitely not here because I'm popular or anything like that. So. Let's go with "You were fated to greenlight
Cards of Gangs
Samling av LaudoM
Customise your gang's cards and gear up to meet your opponents! Cards of Gangs is an absorbing card game where you fight to survive in a cruel gangster's world, making your way up to finally become a real Kingpin. Prove you are clever and foreseen e
Geek Stuff
Samling av DisneyDCFan
Things that make my inner geek squeal ;)
Samling av Marbs
Good Game
Samling av One Shot One Kill
Good Game
Premium games that must be Greenlit.
Samling av Zanjo
Premium games, mostly pixel games that must be greenlit!
Juegos Greenlight
Samling av Morfeosh
istaria stuff
Samling av (DLG)Dragon King☠☢♀
Hai There
Samling av Jpc0703
I am using this space to describe my selection and it is interesting.
Samling av Bumbefly Sony Test םו
Socks. Mostly Socks with an O and a bit with a U. For this collection is started to test Favoriting problems (incl. favoriting Greenlight items) that arose with the dreaded Steam update of the 12th of August 2015 (equal update for both Beta and Release
Steam Greenlight Collection pack!
Samling av FLinZ
I like what game I upload on collection Game on green light for they game win to sell on steam!!
(MetroidVania) Old school platform games & realistic graphic is a +
Samling av Bee's Knees
This is a list of good looking platform games I've found that are suppost to be awesome & in the tier of Golden Axe & CastleVania type games.
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