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Five Nights at Freddy's
모음집 작성자: efecankaya56
모음집 작성자: randyc71
Five nights at Freddy's 1,2,and 3
모음집 작성자: gmodfan
This is fnaf 1 2and 3
Games That Need To Be GreenLit
모음집 작성자: Lightning Laser
Great games that need to be on the Greenlit and look awesome
Good Greenlights
모음집 작성자: Cjordan
Some really good green lights that could use some support!
모음집 작성자: bonus
모음집 작성자: bird is the word
Greenlight Spotlight
모음집 작성자: INSTINCT
A collection of indie games with lots of potential that need your votes to be greenlight. Feel free to comment below with suggestions of games that you believe need the votes of the community.
모음집 작성자: Bot Stewie
Must have games
The Best Games ~~> BR <~~
모음집 작성자: Yan "Exloooks" Moura
Hardcore Games
모음집 작성자: MuXxXer[ARG]
Hardcore games, that games very hard, where you get one hit and you'll die, or games very realistic and hardest- This are games for crazy people and true gamers that love difficulty. ENJOY!
Karmac's Greenlight Collection
모음집 작성자: Makak
I selected these games because of their attractive premise, design and concept; games that are actually viable to be on the official Steam store.
The Future
모음집 작성자: Shadow'Virt
It Is My Choice !!!
Memoria's Otome Collection.
모음집 작성자: Memoria ♥
Mostly Otome, RPG, adventure games or dating simulators that i am interested in.
Games with Dinosaurs
모음집 작성자: HGrunt™
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
모음집 작성자: Juc
Role-playing games that I love.
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
모음집 작성자: Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
Red Box
모음집 작성자: Chris
This colection is about 8 games that I love and I wish to be on steam
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