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LordSputnik's Top Recommened Steam Greenlight Projects
모음집 작성자: Sputnik_Turtle
Steam Greenlight is filled with awesome projects, but what are the most awesomest projects. This a list of my most favourite projects on Steam Greenlight. So please go ahead, and look at LordSputnik's Top Recommend Steam Greenlight Projects. I am happ...
My Indie Game Collection
모음집 작성자: oslop
모음집 작성자: Eb42
Warning: Games could cause explosions, Watch out!
모음집 작성자: SuperSho
Watch out these games are soo cool, they might make your monitor explode! I suggest getting a back up monitor. Or go play at your friends house, what ever works. Definatly check these games out, it's worth your time (just be carefull of cumbustion).
Yiikis Good Games
모음집 작성자: Yiiki
This is a list of MMOs that I think Steam should Greenlight.
모음집 작성자: micelle
The Very Best
모음집 작성자: EmmaWatsonsBF
These games are the ones most critically in need of upvotes, as curated by me, with a heavy bias towards RPGs, strategy, platformers, and Geometry Wars clones. I don't have all that time to browse games, so I would love to hear suggestions in the comme...
Games I Like
모음집 작성자: thepronto
Games I have dreamed of playing or think I will like
Classy Games For Classy People
모음집 작성자: theraineydaze
These are the Games I think are classy enough for steam.
pretty cool, yup
모음집 작성자: offal
these sure are some videogames
CWG Searchlight - Featured Titles
모음집 작성자: Mattiebo
This collection includes every game featured in CookingWithGrenades' Searchlight video series. You can watch every Searchlight video here:
Games Commercial Published
모음집 작성자: Drkirby
This list is of games that have been published at retail, or have been released digitally on consoles. Right now, I am excluding XBLIG, iOS, and Andriod games due to the smaller quality oversight, being nearly opening publishing. There is nothing wron...
Serret's Greenlight Favorites
모음집 작성자: Serret
Greenlight has a lot of hidden diamonds, some rougher than others. Finding them in the middle of all the submissions is no simple task. I went through most of it and upvoted quite a few of them spanning across several genres, but these are my favorite.
Mariobro's Top Greenlight Picks
모음집 작성자: Mariobro
There are many amazing games on Steam Greenlight, but which ones are the best? Why, the ones in this collection, of course!
모음집 작성자: secretdataz
I love this game,never get boring playing it.
Cool anime games
모음집 작성자: mimi_s_199
I from Bulgaria. This is my favourite games!^^
Greenlight Collection
모음집 작성자: daveyh007
Ncaa football12
모음집 작성자: gimmeSomeKillz
The ultimate online football game for pc ps3 and xbox.its all about the game you play and the harder you fall.I may put co-op in it cause if you wanna play with your friends you can and it will be the best game you have vered played because touchdown fiel...
모음집 작성자: Ishin
awsome RPG :D
Games of Interest
모음집 작성자: JeffSachs
Games I have interest in and would like to promote. Generally not a fan of f2p, casual, sidescrollers & point and click adventures.
Pedobear fun box :D
모음집 작성자: StarLight Scratch █ ▆ ▅ ▃
Greenlight! {^,=.^}
모음집 작성자: Zilla the Fuzzball
This is where I shall pop all of the Greenlight games I hope will become available here on Steam one day!
모음집 작성자: pastshelfdate
I'm looking for games that are different enough that not everyone will vote for them, but that I think have a lot to offer, and that I'd like to see succeed.
모음집 작성자: mikc37rus ( 混合 )
Greenlit Fear Collection
모음집 작성자: xllxAnthemxllx
모음집 작성자: TalipedCornetGaming
ashas collection games
모음집 작성자: zaraZa
collection games
Flying Pix Collection
모음집 작성자: NemesisZidar
Indie Games you should keep an eye on. If u love the Pixel Oldschool Look with the spirit of actual gameplay technics, like i do, try em out and get them greenlit. Keep it up.
Games for 2013
모음집 작성자: CheukMe2u
Made solely for Super Motherload. I hope this isn't against the rules of making a collection. If anything it's 2D games. =D I never vote on Greenlit since I don't have time, But when I do, it's a game I really want.
모음집 작성자: BitchiMcBitch
Hier werden Spiele vorgestellt die ich im Greenlight gut finde^^
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