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Redcorp vs Greencorp
모음집 작성자 Dominos Cheese Pizza
Redcorpian's Greencorp vs Redcorp collection! the collection of guns that are used by Redcorp's soldiers around the world.
NaathaaN's weapons
모음집 작성자 NaaTaaИ
Ceci est une collection de mes meilleurs armes et de ma seule map . C' est aussi ma première collection , donc j'espère qu'elle vous plaira.
Imperium's Finest
모음집 작성자 Claudius Vile™
The Imperium's Finest is a collection devoted to supplying a variety of weapons and equipment featured in the Warhammer 40k universe, from the complicated flashlight that is the Las-Rifle, to the Slaaneshi Noise Marine's cacophony-producing weapons of chao
Army of the Ablockalypse
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
Some weapons, prefabs, and classes sharing a common theme. The classes are at the bottom of the page, but if you subscribe to this collection you should get all of the items. Enjoy.
Shock Trooper
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
The Shock Trooper swiftly traverses the battlefield to capture key objectives and erect prefabricated defenses at choke points. Soldier class, Architect bonus, Frag Grenades. Primary: AR/M Secondary: Hookshot Melee: Cutting Torch Killstreaks: Manned t
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
The Gunner sacrifices some mobility to carry the squad's heavy weapons. Soldier class, Architect Bonus, Sticky Grenades. Primary: SW/M Secondary: ATR2 Melee: Cutting Torch. Killstreaks: Radar Jammer, Armor Pack, Megablox Suit
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
The Marksman is equipped with an accurized, semi-auto variant of the assault rifle, but is otherwise a normal member of the squad. Scout class, Architect bonus, Frag Grenade Primary: MR/M Secondary: Hookshot Melee: Cutting Torch Killstreaks: Manned T
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
The Engineer focuses mainly on piloting vehicles and destroying enemy fortifications, but he also carries a shotgun that fires both flechette and stun rounds. Not as mobile as the frontline troops. Demolitionist class, Miner bonus, C4 Primary: BSG3 Seco
모음집 작성자 Jack_Spade
The Infiltrator is a counter-sniper specialist who air-drops behind enemy lines to destroy high-value point targets and coordinate airstrikes. Ninja class, Carpenter bonus, Bouncing Betties Primary: SR/M Secondary: RSP2 Melee: Entrencher Killstreaks:
The Flying Crate
모음집 작성자 [TFC] BigBoy_V
I first entered the battlefield back in August of last year. I, along with many others, used the weapons, outfits, and armor made by other people. It was convenient and easy. Just go to the Workshop, pick what you want, and get in the fight. Things wer
Overly Expensive Home Electronics that Kill
모음집 작성자 GameAssassin1020
Yes, you can now shoot bullets with a phone or tablet or your laptop. Need I say more.(Oh it cost tons of dough) (Not really)
SCAR-ed For Life
모음집 작성자 THE YIGLER
This collection contains all of my SCAR varients. After about 30 people asking me to upload them I have finally broke and done just that. Please be aware that stats may change as time goes on and updates role out. Guns may also be removed if they are claim
Duck Gear
모음집 작성자 Ŗ | Thorsin
This is the collection of Gear for members of Clan_of_The_Duck. This includes skins, weapons, and prefabs.
Gamer + School
모음집 작성자 KokoStrikeZ
The Complete Gamer Set
모음집 작성자 REDHAWK
U want guns from warhammer? Then you have come to right place. :DD check out our fine collection of warhammer guns :D
Lord General Tomagotchi's Halo Weapons
모음집 작성자 Tomagotchi
Just a collection of HALO weapons I make on my spare time. Feel free to comment with suggestions and requests!
Headless Headshot(item set)
모음집 작성자 Chainsaw Joe's Discount Surgery
Play as a creature from my twisted imagination! (wouldn't let me add to the old one)
The CnC Collection: Nod Edition
모음집 작성자 Don Trump 4
Want to play chess with Kane, blow up villages, and fire nuclear missiles, but don't have the time/patience/miscellanous reason to build the base? This Nod Prefab set will set you down the path to the noble rank of base commander! I release these prefab
My Guns :)
모음집 작성자 PurpleWurple
Its All The Guns I Have Made
My Maps/Prefabs
모음집 작성자 PurpleWurple
Its All The Maps And Prefabs I've Made
assault rifle collection
모음집 작성자 [S&H BD GEN] Isaaque
it's the same gun with different modifications to become a sniper,a smg,a lmg...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
모음집 작성자 💀 Oderus Urungus 💀
Can't stop these radical dudes The secret of the ooze made the chosen few Emerge from the shadows to make their move The good guys win and the bad guys lose
Netkats Guncraft Collection. Prefabs and guns edition.
모음집 작성자 >^,^< Netkat >^,^<
A collection of Guns and prefabs for Guncraft. Maps to be included later!
Maximosa's content pack
모음집 작성자 Maximosa
This is a compilatioin of various things that I have created in Guncraft. It includes a variety of weapons that are meant to suit most playstyles that are available. It will also include a few maps and skins at a later date. The maps will be set up to wo
Guns By FreMeX
모음집 작성자 Fremex
оржки оружки оружки и только
Air Power Collection
모음집 작성자 mike2049
A collection of Fighter planes, Attack & Transport Helicopters.
My Melle weapons
모음집 작성자 AJM
Some Swords and axes and knifes and some other melle stuff like a bucher knife :3 General melle weapons (only made by Me)
[RΑγЄn] Gun & Skin
모음집 작성자 AraMacaw
Collection spécial de la team RΑγЄn pour nos joueurs et pour les visiteurs :D
WWll / WWl Weapons
모음집 작성자 Theortheo
WWll / WWl weapons ^^ classic
Terraria Weaponry
모음집 작성자 Spectral_Force
Terraria weaponry made into deadly Guncraft creations! The collection will be filled as I create new guns and (most importantly) they get approved.
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