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Greenlight Wishlist
コレクション作成者 Puritan74
The title of this collection is pretty self explanatory, these are the games from Greenlight that I like the sound of and would be very interested in playing.
コレクション作成者 chaterineb
My Favourite Games in Steam Greenlight
コレクション作成者 inferno986return
Games that have either been Greenlit or hopefully will get Greenlit. These games haven't hit the Steam storefront yet, but I look forward to them reaching there. :-)
Green LIght
コレクション作成者 tracefine
:) :) :) :) :) :)
Greenlight these games!
コレクション作成者 Sacko
Promising Greenlights
コレクション作成者 Apropos of Nothing
Greenlights that look interesting, and need support!
コレクション作成者 [P-G]Slendersden
コレクション作成者 ogribus2
コレクション作成者 JamiexD / add alt ac link in sum
Oh! My wishlist on Greenlight
コレクション作成者 Nagi Akiba
This is my wishlist on Greenlight. Most of them are Japnese style games. ヽ(*´・ω・`*)ノ Background form: ©2012-2015 charliehero
Games to Get
コレクション作成者 Genghis Kane
Games i want to get!
Light Green
コレクション作成者 Camshadow
I will only choose games that apply to my Acceptations
コレクション作成者 HectorTomLe
Get these greenlit pls
コレクション作成者 <the.banana.prawn>
green games
コレクション作成者 OmegaKira
posibles candidatos a futuras compras
Greenlight Games
コレクション作成者 PoopMaster
Games to greenlight. Duh!
GreenLight Games I might wanna try
コレクション作成者 davetiger
Green Light games that might be worth trying
Greenlight Games
コレクション作成者 [E|L|T]stalker
Games that i think are worth buying.
Talb's Greenlight
コレクション作成者 Talbheim
Jogos que me parecem ser bons e pretendo conferir
コレクション作成者 //[A*G*K]\\ P4M3R ︻芫══--
Games in Greenlight
Greenlight games
コレクション作成者 EPO
Jogos favoritados na Greenlight, possíveis compras.
コレクション作成者 M I B
stuff i wish was on steam
コレクション作成者 Nogitsune no Bei
stuff i wish was on steam
Greenlight Games
コレクション作成者 AL the 1pump Weeaboo
Green Collection
コレクション作成者 Kingbillyboy
From GreenLight!
Greenlight Gunna Plays
コレクション作成者 steelmagnum01
A collection of Greenlight community games I intend to play..
steam greenlight 1
コレクション作成者 Deathday
コレクション作成者 Chetto
Great Looking Games
コレクション作成者 Upfrontwarboyz
This collection is all about taking great, amazing looking games from Steam: Greenlight, and put them in here. That way, people can easily find amazing looking games, quick!
My collection
コレクション作成者 chris1771
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