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Conti's Top Pick
コレクション作成者 SgtConti
This is my Collection of the Best Greenlight games I've seen. This collection is aimed at showing you guys, the games that REALLY need to be on Steam.
Cool Looking Games
コレクション作成者 Gooby
Psyhological Horror
コレクション作成者 ps58
Психологические хорроры
Rob Remakes Recommends
コレクション作成者 Rob-otron 2084
Greenlight projects well worth looking at and keeping a beady eye on. Stuff to keep that voting finger happy for a while, anyway. If nothing else, hopefully you'll find some games here that interest thee regardless of Steam status or not. http://www.
Favorite Games
コレクション作成者 ErectNarwhal69
A collection of games I want because they're so awesome and they give me interest. :P Feel free to look if you want
Battle Brothers
コレクション作成者 rapsdjff
Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix wherein you lead a band of mercenaries in a medieval fantasy world on the hunt for coin, fame and legendary artifacts. The gameplay is inspired by such classics as X-Com: UFO Defense and Jagged Alliance.
Green Is The Color Of Fear
コレクション作成者 Olivia
A collection of as many horror games as I can find on Greenlight. Since it's not exactly easy to search through, it might not be totally comprehensive at first so please let me know if there's anything that needs adding. Also, what about things like 'the h
Pixel games
コレクション作成者 RicoWarrior
All the best pixel style games, I love them! Old times....
コレクション作成者 Kerem ☾✯
6DOF games (six degrees of freedom movement)
コレクション作成者 Marek Rosa
For everyone who enjoys 6DOF movement, all fans of Descent, Forsaken, Terminal Velocity, etc
Developed in the Czech Republic
コレクション作成者 Eb42
Games developed in the Czech Republic.
Kynareth.DE | Greenlight Collection
コレクション作成者 DoktorWilp
The Starship Collection
コレクション作成者 DragonK
A great collection of space flight/exploration/futuristic themes with an emphasis on spaceship combat. In my opinion the best of the best.
Made in Spain
コレクション作成者 vEK
¡Colección de juegos hechos en España! ;3 Games collection made in Spain!
コレクション作成者 Hydri
Otome Otome Otomeeee :)
Solo First Person Adventures
コレクション作成者 Trash Pandamonium
I had an attachment to myst and other point and click adventures since I was old enough to talk. However, i'm not very good with games, and struggle with gameplay often. This has led me to seek out inventive story driven solo first person adventure games.
コレクション作成者 VanilaGorila-x-
The Future of Gaming: SamagonTheSwift
コレクション作成者 [ZOOM] SamagonTheSwift
I've decided to completely re-start this collection as I made it just for a friend, but then I went back to it, because it was commented on and I realised that I had 42 ratings! For you that might not be much, but for me, who rarely gets attention, this wa
Polskie GRY na STEAMA
コレクション作成者 jan12jan12jan
Pomóżmy polskim produkcjom dostać się na STEAMA
コレクション作成者 A§H»BierLKW
Hell yeah!
コレクション作成者 Red Queen
The Ex-BLIG Collection
コレクション作成者 Ergo Me Smart
The Ex-BLIG collection is made up of all (or as many as I could find) the XBLIGs (Xbox Live Indie Games) that can be found on Steam Greenlight. All of the games in the collection can still be bought for the XBox for 80, 240 or 400 Microsoft Points, and are
My collection was enriched with games:D
コレクション作成者 Yu<3
Колекция состоит из популярных игр(придметов) которые я буду переодически добовлять в список ,так что если вам это надо то можите подписатся на мои новости я буду рад мам всем кто зайдёт хотяб раз ко мне в колекцию:3 _____________________________
コレクション作成者 Mort
Awesome Adventure Alternatives
コレクション作成者 Himalaya Studios
Like an antique illustrated storybook, adventure games are truly timeless! This classic genre has left digital footprints across five decades, overseen the evolution of computing technology, and witnessed huge industry shifts. New game genres have risen an
Voxel Games
コレクション作成者 KKO
Games based on voxel technology.
Half-Life Greenlight
コレクション作成者 XxSemideiadenomexX
Lime Greenlight
コレクション作成者 kg1974
I recommend these games for the Octopus Overlords' consideration. I rate all Greenlight games, but select only the ones I think the Overlords would like. I remove them from the collection once they're Greenlit. My newest recommendations are at the t
Cyberpunk on Greenlight
コレクション作成者 Kase
"...but move a little too swiftly and you'd break the fragile surface tension of the black market; either way, you were gone, with nothing left of you but some vague memory in the mind of a fixture like Ratz, though heart or lungs or kidneys might survive
コレクション作成者 Bounty Hunter Dan
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