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Hidden Object Games on Greenlight
コレクション作成者: Chudah
Collection of Hidden Object Games currently on Greenlight compiled by Hidden Object Gamers (HOGGroup).
BlueBatch - Greenlight Batches
コレクション作成者: Mightyy
Today we’ve collected another batch of titles to be featured, and advance through Steam Greenlight, and be offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles have been silently Greenlit so we’ve come along to solve this issue. Join the SteamGr...
Plant vs. Zombie
コレクション作成者: Captain Blep Bop
This Collection is About Plant vs. Zombie.Please Add This Collection To Your Collection.Thank you!
コレクション作成者: The Captain
Horror <3
コレクション作成者: Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3
Anime Games
コレクション作成者: Khayron
Jrpgs, sims, strategy and other types of anime style games that i like.
Strategy RPG
コレクション作成者: T-13
Games that have both stratgic and RPG elements. Such as Heroes of Might and Magic, FFT, Orge Battle, Orge Tactics, Blue Bahumut, etc,
Greenlight Games on Bundles
コレクション作成者: devotee
Greenlight games that where featured on game bundles.
Sci-Fi Strategy
コレクション作成者: Khayron
Strategy based on Sci-fi themes/universes
Hardcore Games
コレクション作成者: ThunderGemios10
This is a collection of Hardcore Games.
bons jogos
コレクション作成者: MORGOTH
otimos jogos
ẽSb Ĵøkĭll - horror games
コレクション作成者: ẽSb Ĵøkĭll
заходим и смотрим , страшные игры . Come and look , horror games .
I'm waiting survival
コレクション作成者: alex Roosso
Must Own!
コレクション作成者: Gorloss
The games in GreenLight, that you must own when they are released! :D
Unofficial Greenlit List 11-Oct-2014
コレクション作成者: Allrot
Unofficial list of Greenlit titles from August 1st 2014 to October 11th 2014. List is not final, as I may have missed some, added old undocumented greenlit titles or some titles may be Greenlit revoked (just in case).
コレクション作成者: Khayron
Action, turn based, etc, but all RPGs
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit
コレクション作成者: [OsR]Maverik770
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit. There is so much crap that gets approved through Greenlight while hundreds of really good games and projects get log jammed in the process. This is a list of games that I feel really deserve to be Greenlit. So up vote th...
Shrapnel Inc.
コレクション作成者: Xenioz {Shrapnel Inc. Owner}
A collection of all the Shrapnel Inc games.
コレクション作成者: EasyKatka#7
Коллекция интересна теч, что тут много интересного))
FPWG: First Person Wandering Games
コレクション作成者: Connor Arbiter
This sub-collection of the First Person Exploration Games Collection will cater specifically to FPEGs that exhibit an emphasis on or are at least perfectly facilitative to "wandering about"—a game mechanic explicitly different from general exploration. ...
SFPEG: Speedy First-Person Exploration Games
コレクション作成者: Connor Arbiter
First Person Exploration Games which are fast-paced, racing game-like, involve a race against the clock, or simply just feel fast. FPEGs are known for being slow and contemplative, so it is worthy to note the games in this genre which put emphasis on a fa...
コレクション作成者: WTFOMGames
My games
コレクション作成者: Obayami
コレクション作成者: nochnoikoshmar1
Other Game's
コレクション作成者: Mr.Faraday
Here you will find a lot of different games for you. This collection is formed as a game genres such as RPG, Shooter, Horror and many more
Anime collection
コレクション作成者: eva.Otaku.™
Here you'll find anime games that are maybe released soon ;'D
Goods Life Steam
コレクション作成者: LifeDeathAngels
В разработке!
Mis Favoritos :D
コレクション作成者: .Sj D. xD
todo lo que em gusta y puede gustarle sjejej
My Games
コレクション作成者: F1stawka.uje ne tot ;c
Horrors, horrors and blood...
Studio Mercato
コレクション作成者: shu
NYC Indie Games
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