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Greenlit Korea
コレクション作成者: Arisae
Game of the created by korean creators. Order by greenlit.
Plant Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
コレクション作成者: ☃IceCactus☃TR☃
Take the gameplay of Team Fortress 2 and mash it together with the characters of Plants versus Zombies, and whatever just happened in your mind will probably be close to what Garden Warfare achieves. As we discussed in our Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfa...
Visual Novels: Greenlit Edition
コレクション作成者: TrickZZter
A collection of greenlit Visual Novel (and Visual Novel-ish) titles. If you are looking for non-greenlit Visual Novels, check the other collection:
コレクション作成者: Arisae
Games of the created by YGGDRASIL STUDIO, an indie creators. Creator URL Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: https://w...
Now These are Games!
コレクション作成者: AJ1AJ
These are games that are worthy to be games :)
コレクション作成者: RichardFTW
Corrosive Studios: Projects
コレクション作成者: {=Corrosion=}
A collection of all projects created by Corrosive Studios.
コレクション作成者: RADEI
Source Mods
コレクション作成者: J o n e x
A collection of Source engine and Gold Source engine mods looking to be released on Steam.
コレクション作成者: Noammac
Games that I'm hyped about.
コレクション作成者: Shrek
コレクション作成者: KyM
Cheap Low End Games Approved!
コレクション作成者: Olboyfloats
Cheap Low End Games, the official Steam Curator of the subreddit Low End Gaming, brings you this collection of hand picked Greenlight Games that have our official seal of approval!!
FPPG: First Person Puzzle Games
コレクション作成者: GameGlomp
A Collection of First Person Exploration Games that are more specifically First Person Puzzle Games. It could be argued that puzzling games might be seperate from exploration games, rather than categorized within them, but due to the nature of puzzles bei...
FPWG: First Person Wandering Games
コレクション作成者: GameGlomp
This sub-collection of the First Person Exploration Games Collection will cater specifically to FPEGs that exhibit an emphasis on or are at least perfectly facilitative to "wandering about"—a game mechanic explicitly different from general exploration. ...
Greenlight Spotlight
コレクション作成者: Common Commando
A collection of indie games with lots of potential that need your votes to be greenlight. Feel free to comment below with suggestions of games that you believe need the votes of the community.
Promising Linux Greenlight Games
コレクション作成者: Brian [Linux]
Jomarcenter: Gaming Gear - The GREENLIGHT HIDDEN GEM LIST!
コレクション作成者: [JCGG] Jomarcenter - MJM
Steam Greenlight the place where game developer can try to put their games, From the games that simple like a simulator games to a game that came from the big companies like Mastiff/Falcom Gurumin. This is the complete list of games that is until today le...
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