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April 29th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Collezione di ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on April 29th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in ga
Procedurally generated games
Collezione di class101
This collection includes all the procedurally generated games present in Greenlight. At the creation 1600 titles were reviewed and 170 procedurally generated titles were identified. The list receives regular updates. There are many of these titles in
Seal of Approval: For your Consideration
Collezione di Raketenziesel
333+ Steam Greenlight™ listed games which look promising and original. The listing is subjective and in no particular order — although I try to keep exceptional stuff on top — and it comes with no claims of completeness. Feel free to like and fave the
Pixel Perfect
Collezione di Brunhildr
Best pixel art games on Greenlight that need your love. If you have a suggestion, feel free do use the comments section!
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
Collezione di Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
Mac Games for those who Suck at Action/Shooter Games
Collezione di lisa
What's interesting about this collection? Probably nothing, except to me, who happens to be one of those people who suck at action and shooter games. All I do is die. And then I die again. If you're like me, and the hand-eye coordination fairy skipped
Collezione di Hanzo
Collection of awesome free to play games I find on Greenlight. What do I mean by awesome? Well I mean games that just make you go:"wow that's cool"(in a stereotypical 13 year old boy voice). I'm looking forward to all of these games. Of course some might d
Must Buys
Collezione di LightningZombie
A collection of games I found note worthy.
The HMG Collection
Collezione di [HMG]Tapiocador
The games in this collection fit at least one of these attributes: -Hardcore (not casual) -Mature -Game -indie -hyped -nostalagia -metroidvania -lightcycles
Greenlight Games to Track
Collezione di phill2k12
Collezione di {PK} HastyPixels
A few games I like on Greenlight.
Collezione di [JFK] BIBLE FACTS!
Exactly what it says on the tin, friends
Indiegamehunt's Picks
Collezione di indiegamehunt
The games on Greenlight that tickle my fancy.
Collection They Said
Collezione di Kira
random games that i tried lol
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