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Collezione di: wλr - レガリア
Venez pour découvrir une collection regroupant des nombreux jeux indépendants et très intéressants visibles sur GreenLight -- Come to discover a collection regrouping numerous independent games and very interesting visible on GreenLight !
Green Collection
Collezione di: Shilow
waiting for the full release :3
Collezione di: Sale
Minha coleção de jogos que recomendo e que gostaria que fossem lançados.
Steam Greenlight
Collezione di: ✪Sairil
General favorites
Collezione di: R.Daneel
Many years ago I used to read books like, for example, Ernest Thompson Seton's "Lives of Game Animals" to learn about animal behavior. But after a certain point, after living in the woods for a while, I developed an aversion to reading any scientific acco...
DerEider's GREENLight bunch
Collezione di: DerEider
My personal assortment of GREENLight specials. No particular criteria has been applied during their selection; just enjoy.
paintball3D7 Greenlight Games!
Collezione di: paintball3D7
Currently only one game in this collection!
Collezione di: ZorbaBuddha
Only good games. Каждая игра может зацепить чем-то отдельным: интересный сюжет, креативная задумка, красивая и гармоничная атмосфера игры, необычн...
t3h Greenlight Collectionz0rz
Collezione di: =AC3=Lhotse5
This collection is kool because...I'm fukin kool and if you don't like anything in my collection, you're an imbecile and def0 not kool so fuk off.
Collezione di: Sean the Meme Lord
It's a collection of greenlight items I like.
My Greenlight Favourites
Collezione di: NoVa(Rotora)
A list of games that I'd like to see released on Steam. Most of them are Platformers (with some exceptions).
Awesomely Random Games
Collezione di: Twisted_sloth
Random Games i want
coleção exzo
Collezione di: Exzo Silva
a minha coleção para meus amigos e pra todos br-pt. Aqui vc tera uma maneira facil de achar seus jogos favoritos, num acha uma boa ideia aqui sera informado coisas minha á esta coleção vc tambem pode comentar,discutir ,etc. aqui é uma coleção de u...
Hell yeah
Collezione di: Isabelle [Promiscuous Raptor]
Man I don't know it just has some bombass shit man
Migwelor Greenlight
Collezione di: migwelor
De lo mejorcito que está por llegar
Collezione di: CoMa
Collezione di: [AiD]-ХyLI™faRAOн<-
блокада,это игра которая похоже на 2 игры:Ace of Space и Minecraft,если хотите её опробовать зайдите в свой Вконтакте в разделе игры вы найдете её,всем...
My Greenlight Wishes
Collezione di: leeloo58
This is my collection of games I would like to see greenlighted because of their ideas. I want to help indie developers in any way I can to support them in making in this industry.
Collezione di: DOM PYSOHUNTER87678
Eine kollektion für mein server
BULLy Collection
Collezione di: Aus_BULLy
Here is a collection of Steam GreenLight games I am watching out for upon their release! Kindly throw each one a FOLLOW, to let the developers know you're interested too!
Collezione di: Gibbsn
Hallo Steam User, wir sind der Deutsche Server zu The Mana World. Ihr seid Herzlich Eingeladen auf unserem Server zu Spielen. Aktuell befinden wir uns im Umbau, welcher unseren Server wieder mehr an den Offiziellen anpassen soll. Ausserdem ist ein...
NIDAN Software.
Collezione di: neomahakala108
Collezione di: IvRaden
Ocean and Underwater action
Collezione di: Sgt.Psycho
All games that happen on top of, or more particularly, under the surface of the ocean. /cue Octopus Garden song It it features hand-to-tooth combat with sharks and other denizens of the deep, it belongs here!
dude this is awesome
Collezione di: totashi777
These are games I am impressed with while greenlighting, which I do often. Hope you enjoy.
Boîte à découvertes
Collezione di: Hisilde
Français : Voici une liste des jeux greenlight qui me semblent intéressants et que je devrais tester pour me faire une meilleure idée de ce qu'ils valent. Il s'agit donc d'une collection qui ne va cesser de bouger puisque je retirerai au fur et à mes...
Collezione di: NuclearBot
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and more!
Something realistic
Collezione di: kastuk
Realistic features of survival like air/water/food/heat needs. Detail crafting, injures, etc...
Studio Mercato
Collezione di: shu
NYC Indie Games
Games To Horrify & Astound!
Collezione di: Ubernoodle
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” - Howard Phillips Lovecraft A collection of horror games that run the gamut with a flavor of terror to feed all macabre taste...
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