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Games I follow
Collezione di: Itsun
Shadocel's Collection
Collezione di: shadow_cell88
All the games I want to see/play.
Greenlight Games to Watch For
Collezione di: Dexadron
These are games that EVERYONE should lookout for.
My Game
Collezione di: Mimeri
Interesting Games
Collezione di: onlyoneguardian
Casual games that can be played with friends. Some games may be played competitively. Others may be solo or novel based games.
World War II
Collezione di: [FP] Güber
These are World War II themed games. These games are beautiful and extremely fun!
Games That Have Waited Awhile
Collezione di: bvguthrie
Games in this collection satisfy two requirements: they have been on Greenlight at least six months, and I think them worthy of purchase. This list is naturally biased toward genres I like, since I take Steam's question "would you buy this?" literally. Si...
good games
Collezione di: Ark
Só os fodas
Collezione di: PeroJuan700
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Collezione di: storman2002
Collezione di: maxteu
Esta coleção,vai mostrar os jogos mais interessantes e divertidos que estão no greenlight,
New shit
Collezione di: d3drringr
New fucking shit.
Collezione di: DweoN
Games I hope to be greenlit
Collezione di: `ƒƒ´ CiruTron!
A collection of games I have from indie bundles that I bought in the past and I wish to be launched in Steam.
i see i like
Collezione di: MINICAT
My Collection I interest.
Лучшие игры 2013-2014 года
Collezione di: rodionmaksimo2000
Collezione di: BniA
nice greenlight title
Collezione di: a_rotten_egg_fart
geile indiegames von greenlight
Collezione di: HellasManager
All these good games!
Collezione di: MuIIIb
Collezione di: fakie
Collezione di: Baron Harkonnen
A list of (hopefully) upcoming CCG games on steam.
collection 1
Collezione di: |BAD RATS|JeSuS~†GodBless†sXe
[ ]
zombie games
Collezione di: PLUCKxMYxTESTYS
killing murder death and ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Absolute Worst Games On Steam
Collezione di: RickyMcMoney
These are games that are not only bad, but they are probably made to be satirical. These are games that belong on the iPhone, and then some. These are games dragged out of the sewers of greenlight. Note: Some of these games were chosen for their come...
things to look forward too
Collezione di: guyoh4000
keep track of these!
Adventure 'Point and Click' Games - any genre
Collezione di: Diana
List of Adventure games to be Greenlit by the Community. Horror, comical/funny, mystery --- any genre, really. Will be adding games that have the 'point and click' adventure element to this list (absolutely NO HOGs), challenging but not over the top, an...
Siggi's Choice.
Collezione di: Siggi Windklotz
These Games were chosen by Siggi Windklotz himself (if this was made by Hafenmeister or Omycron it would be an aweful collection). He thought he could show you which games look good, so that you can vote for them. What are you waiting for, vote for these ...
PTG's Favourite Software, Interactive Movie, Visual Novel & Rhythm Games
Collezione di: PetTechGuy dodging deaths
This is my personal collection focusing on the best softwares, interactive movies, visual novels (not to confuse with life simulation and traditional role-playing game) and rhythm games on Greenlight. This collection also includes a few unique games. I...
To Buy List
Collezione di: StubbornGab
Must-Purchases for my Mac
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