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Érdekelnek ezek a gémek.
space strategy
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Building Sandboxes games
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Sandboxes games where u can craft, build and explore big maps and so
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um okay
Space Anomaly
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Greenlight Collection (Support them with a YES)
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Coleccion :)
Greenlight by Community
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Greenlight by Community
best of Greenlight!
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Here will be the best games of Steam Greenlight, track and see which games are worth it! Every day, the games posted on the greenlight will be evaluated, and the best of course, will come here Aqui estarão os melhores jogos da Steam Greenlight, a
My Likes
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I just add anything here i think looks awesome! ^^,
Tywyllach's Greenlight Collection
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Games you should vote for or check out :D Tried to add most of the games that I thought were noteable but some aren't on Greenlight. So the few that aren't on I'll just add them in the descrpition. I'll update from time to time. - Moon Hunters (Kic
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игры которые мне по душе
Best Food↝
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I've spent my life playing many types of bullet hell games. So I leave this list as my favorite shmups that are published in Greenlight. I will update the list eventually.
Jur1z's Greenlight pick ups
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仙剑的主题不是宿命,每一代仙剑都不是,具体到仙剑一,是失去与成长。 这是一部让人长大的游戏。 在十九岁之前,李逍遥一直接受着上天的庇护,他有着虽然凶恶但是疼爱他如同己出的婶婶和余杭县的天真玩伴。或许,如果没有我们这些玩家的旁观,他会一直幸福地在这里长大,接手客栈,娶了丁秀兰或者丁香兰生个孩子当一个平凡的丈夫和父亲。 但是谁能说那样就不好呢? 然而自那个苗人头领投宿了这家客栈,同时那个云游酒鬼醉倒在门前…… 一切都改变了。 小李子、志气高,想学剑仙登云霄。日上三竿不觉醒,天天梦里乐陶陶…… 在他
Devs BR
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Jogos de desenvolvedores brasileiros
Five Nights At Freddy's Collection
Collezione di panda_c
Hai. This is my collection. Five nights at freddy's game.
CS porodion
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Тут только мои породии по кс
Set in Space
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The Space, the lonely and infinite space. This is a collection of games set in space that want to get greenlit
Türk Yapımı Oyunlar
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Steamde beğendiğim Türk yapımı oyunlar.
Made in Latvia
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Games developed in Latvia.
English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection
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English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection I would like to play or already have outside of steam.
Action games with Roguelike elements
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A list of action games that use mechanics from the roguelike games. If you are developing a game with roguelike elements, then send me a message. The only requirement is that the game is an action game, and not turn based like the classic roguelikes. Of
RPG's and Simulations
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Looking to make a collection of games people should enjoy, RPG and Simulation obviously. Check them out :)
Anime games
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Good games
TF2 all
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ruby geridos
Collezione di IFISH57
GUN Fight Online
Collezione di Binomi89
the game is about batteling and fight against your friends have fun getting most tags host a servers so your friend can join and have the unlimitid fun Creator Binomi AND thanks to oma3d
Moe~ Moe~ Kyun!
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